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    Chino Stretching

    I feel like this happens to me all the time. I buy a nice, well fitting pair of chinos that i'm excited about, and after a couple of wearings it stretches out at the knees, thighs, etc, and they feel like pantaloons after a while.

    Is that the general case by chinos? Do i have to start looking for other material pants that will last me longer? (sigh) -

    I'm looking for pants that will last longer then 2-3 months, and still not break the bank.


    Have not had that experience.



      I've had that happen before, but only after owning them for a long time. Perhaps it's the quality of those specific pants? Where did they come from?



        Could be from buying pants that are much tighter than what I would buy. Hence the different experiences. I'll wash something in hot water to shrink it up (except my Ratio shirt...cue the sobs).



          Never had that happen with chinos, but had it on 514s.

          To be fair, these were old as sin and I have thunder thighs. Plus I kneel down all the time, which flexes the thighs. And they were almost daily wear for college/work.

          They still lasted me a good 1.5-2 years before the stitching on the seam just looked too contrasty for my taste (not sure if thats a word)

          "We had a sick night b*tches!"



            22" Thighs and 17" calves... just measured... i dunno, one pair was from LEC, which is decent, another from banana, another from express (not spandex, i made sure, 100% cotton). look i understand the quality thing, good quality lasts, bad quality doesnt, but EVERY pair? those measurements i took were AFTER losing 35 lbs and sizing down from a 42 to a 40... i went from being 220lbs to 185lbs (6foot)... i just cant buy super slim as it is, and i found that 514's fit me very well.

            Any suggestions as to where i can get good quality pants that fit like 514s? (side point - wool, chords, the works)



              17" calves? You sure about that?

              EDIT: Nevermind. That doesn't sound as crazy as I thought. I'm a 16" calf with a 24" thigh with a 34" waist on a 39R/40R frame.



                We need pictures.



                  I just bought a pair of Levi 514 cords yesterday. I think they're an outlet store exclusive.

                  But you can get these online:



                    There are 514 cords available at JC Penney stores in several colors (red, sage, gray, & brown)



                      The slub twill 514's are pretty nice too, just not a lot of colors. I personally haven't notice stretching in the legs (just the waist) with any of my chinos/twills (LEC comers, brooks brothers, mossimo) and I've worn them all a few times.

                      Perhaps look into mtm pants?



                        Thanks guys, will definitely look into these. I took Nicholas' advice about the shrinking on my LEC pants, worked pretty well, still a bit misshapen, but i'll deal.

                        JC penney sounds good on chords, i'll check it out.

                        any idea about wool dress slacks that are cut similar?