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    If want to impress your buddy who "tends to dress well" you can't go wrong with your charcoal suit, black shoes, white shirt, white linen pocket square and a tie such as one of these:

    Since those 2 ties are 6-folds they are a bit pricey, but just find another version of that style at a place such as the Tie Bar. I have a great Drake's shepherd's check I got at NM Last Call for $36 that I dig out for weddings so other versions can definitely be found cheaper. If you wear that you'll likely be better dressed than anyone else there that's not in the wedding party.



      @Fred G. Unn The glen plaid pattern I like. But isn't black & white & gray kind of monochromatic? I mean, no color anywhere?

      Also, what's the difference between shepherd's check and gingham?



        Shepherd's check is nearly the same save the twill weave running through it, making it a bit busier.



          @GRussell wrote "But isn't black & white & gray kind of monochromatic? I mean, no color anywhere?"

          You've got to walk before you can run.



            @JT10000 I'm a redhead. Wearing greyscale makes me look even more pale than I already am.



              I'm impressed that you know how to dress for your complexion but you think an absurd tie is acceptable.



                @JT10000 I did specify that I knew "next to nothing" earlier. I don't have issues with matching casual clothes, but when you start adding more layers it gets a little iffy. Judging by the community reaction to the tie, a little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all.