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Need help matching pocket square

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    Need help matching pocket square

    I've decided to have a go at wearing a pocket square for an upcoming wedding. The current outfit consists of a charcoal suit, pale sage shirt, and a solid copper-brown tie. I've never been clear on whether you match them to the tie, or the shirt, or just pick a color that you think looks good.


    Matching tie looks quite a bit matchy-matchy, but pulling a rather subtle color out of the tie (if it's a pattern and not one-color solid) works well. Otherwise, I'd probably stick with just finding something that looks good. Another alternative is to take a different shade of color than those already used in your outfit.



      Without seeing the tie/shirt its tough but heres some quick ideas based on your description.

      Definitely feel like I could give better suggestions if I saw the actual suit/tie/shirt combo.

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        Why not just put on the outfit, go to a store with a decent selection of pocket squares, and start trying them out?



          Here is a good slideshow around pocket squares:



            Thanks CJJ for the link




              @russelldll The number of stores with a decent selection of pocket squares (or decent men's clothing at all) within 50 miles can be counted on no hands. Having more than one suit without needing them for work makes me a clotheshorse around here.



                No offense, but you should just burn that tie. I would definitely not consider wearing that to a wedding.

                If there are no decent shops around you, check out the Tie Bar. They have a wide range of ties in traditional patterns and they are all $15! Here's a link searching for traditional (it is a wedding) and selecting charcoal for the suit color:


                A few are fugly but almost all would be more appropriate for a wedding than the one in your pic.

                The Knottery is another good choice for inexpensive (sub $40) ties:


                If you're new to pocket squares, the first one you should buy is a white linen square. The Tie Bar has one for $10:


                It would certainly be appropriate for a wedding.

                IMO, the next square in terms of usefulness would be some sort of ancient madder like this:


                That one is expensive, but NWT Robert Talbott pocket squares are available all the time on eBay for $25. I didn't see a good ancient madder one listed right now though, but new ones are listed daily.

                If you're not used to the look of pocket squares, buy some cheap white hankies and put them in the breast pocket of every sport coat and suit jacket in your closet. It will help you get used to the look and after a while a breast pocket will just seem empty if you don't see a pocket square in there. I would still go for white linen and ancient madder silk for your first two pocket squares though.

                Good luck!



                  Seriously though. Burn that tie. It should be illegal to look at.

                  Go to Shipping is rather fast even on regular shipping and for a pocket square and tie you'll spend about 25$.



                    I know next to nothing about suits and ties. I don't wear them for my job and haven't worn one for anything since 2005. I wear a white coat and horrible checked pants for 12+ hours a day while I play with knives and fire. In the realm of food I'm well-versed; in the realm of men's fashion I'm sort of an idiot.

                    An old friend and roommate of mine is getting married. This comes as a complete surprise to me, him, and every other friend he has. He tends to dress well, and I would like very much not to embarrass myself with my outfit. So: help me out here?

                    @Fred G. Unn/PublicName: Is it the pattern that makes you suggest fire, or the color?



                      The problem with that tie is mainly the pattern, though the colors may be hard to pull off.

                      You need to start looking at what other people are wearing that looks good and is conservative (plain colors and minimal patterns) and try to copy those looks. Then you can get into more flamboyant outfits.

                      There is a thread here called Looks You Really Like. Start there. Or look at the Put This On blog. Or Style Forum (lurking). Both PTO and Style Forum has guides to business dress and (I think) wedding dress. And look at what the friend you say dresses well wears and try to understand why it looks good.



                        +1 to everything JT said above ^^^

                        There's another good thread on StyleForum called the "good taste thread" which I've found very useful too:

                        Manton, the guy that started that thread, is the author of "The Suit" which is a great book about men's style:

                        There are a bunch of SF heavyweights both posting pics and commenting on others in that thread so I feel like I've learned a lot from it anyway.



                          Agree with most of the posters. That ties gotta go.

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                            I suggested burning as to guarantee that no human being ever wear it again. Throwing it away leaves too much to chance.

                            Buy a white shirt and get a white pocket square from tiebar and a tie with a pattern.

                            Personally if youre into the whole green thing i like this: yPages%2FAll_Ties.asp&pg=0&categoryIds=31,26,14&op tionValueIds=

                            You'll spend about 50$ total and will look $$$$$



                              @(pretty much everybody) ...and now the tie is gone.

                              @PublicName That tie's got a bit much going on for me. It's the tangerine, I think. White shirt I have.