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Best off-the-rack navy blazer?

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    Best off-the-rack navy blazer?

    In your opinion, what retailer has the best fitting off-the-rack navy blazer?

    Express, J. Crew, H & M, Banana Republic...?

    Long story, but I need one for this weekend, may not have time to get it tailored.

    I'm average build. I do pretty well with most brands' "slim fit." But I'm not skinny fit.



    Sizing down in a J.Crew Ludlow fits better than anything I have tried at Express or BR.

    I haven't tried H&M but I hear good things.



      I own several H&M blazers and I've only had to have one tailored (brought in the sides, shortened up the sleeves on a courderoy deal). The other ones are of decent quality but fit perfectly. I wear a size 36r (or even a 34r) depending on fit.



        I have to go with BR. The fit in the shoulder (which is of the most importance) is the best is comparison to the others. I wear a 44R (5'10", 180 lbs, athletic build). I have a number of blazers, sportcoats, etc and have maybe tailored 1 TOPS.



          I think the Bonobos ChinoLino Navy blazer is a nice option. It can be had at $200 on sale right now with one of the 20% off codes, plus a it's a whole lot cheaper if you pick up the $45 for $90 and $48 for $100 deals Joe posted back in August. I believe you can still purchase those coupons today and that would make your net purchase price around ~$103!

          Worth noting, if you are in between sizes, size up. Bonobos blazers (esp. shoulders) fit snug.



            Oops, sorry! Didn't know you were looking for a B&M store..



              SIZE DOWN. Let me repeat, size down. Especially when dealing with brands that aren't "fashion forward". Of all places, I found a CHAPS blazer at Kohl's that fit me perfectly with no tailoring needed. I just bought a 38 rather than my usual 40, and bingo.

              I also found a very well fitting Land End's blazer at Sears last weekend. Another 38 that did the job. I'm just annoyed that I didn't buy the damn thing when it was on sale for 50% off.

              H&M also fits me like a charm, if not a little tight. I get the feeling an Express blazer might need mild alterations, but I haven't tried on one recently so I'm not 100% sure.

              I really think your best bet is going to a large mall or department store and trying on multiple brands. Throw enough at the wall and one will stick, trust me.