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    Icebreaker Legacy coats

    Good people of Dappered,

    I am searching for a new coat for this winter (and late fall, I'm in Virginia.) I've only just recently begun my closet purge/core wardrobe build, so I don't have anything that fits me well. I have the opportunity to purchase Icebreaker apparel at a discounted rate through the retailer I work at.

    I'm looking at either the legacy "trench" here:

    or the legacy coat here:

    These are both heavy merino wool coats. Both of them come out to about $140-160 after my discount. First off, I know the "trench" isn't really a trench, but I like the styling anyway. On the other hand, I think I'll have more opportunities to wear the coat than the trench; I already have a light Marmot soft shell in the same vein that fits me rather well.

    I'm considering the trench because my school's dress code is business professional (I am an international relations major), but I like that the legacy coat can go from the town to the trail and function well in both environments.

    Opinions? Has anyone seen these in person?


    Keep in mind that both these jacket styles are pretty casual. The "trench" looks similar to some surplus officers' coats I've seen from various European militaries - like these: Not quite as dressy in a civilian context as, say, a car coat would be.

    Both of these jackets seem like a step above the usual outdoor gear brands, due to the lack of visible branding and the relative simplicity of the designs. It's hard to tell from pictures, but the material looks a little strange. From the photos, it almost looks like a cotton jersey texture (i.e. sweatshirt material) which would not be a good choice.

    Based on this photo I found, it seems as though the material doesn't have a lot of structure or substance to it either - looks a little floppy and rumply like cotton jersey, too.

    If the jacket fits well and the material looks and feels good in person, I think they're probably fine choices. My concern is that they are more along the lines of glorified sweatshirts in merino than traditional, structured wool outerwear.




      Thanks, BenR.

      I'm concerned about the material as well; I'll find a way to get my hands on one of these in person.

      This guy seems to like his.