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Winter shoes help!

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    Winter shoes help!

    Hi guys. So I'm from Los Angeles, but I'll be traveling to Chicago and NY this Winter. The good thing about being from LA is the great weather. The bad thing about being from LA means I'm not prepared at all (in terms of clothes/shoes) for the East Coast winters! As much as I'd like to spend on some nice boots that not only look nice but functional in the snow/comfortable, I don't know how often I'd get to use it back home.

    I'll be walking a lot as I will be on vacation thus exploring all the sights mainly by foot, so comfort is a premium! What shoes would you East Coasters recommend?

    Looking for:




    Aiming for 3 out of 3, realistically 2 out of 3.

    Thanks guys!


    Have you considered the Staffords that Joe posted up on the main site? They're rubber soled so probably easy to walk in, and you wouldn't have to spend a ton of money on something you won't get much other use out of.



      @Alan Yeah, yesterday I went to JCP to try them on. They feel good, cannot complain about the price at all! The only thing that worries me, is "will they hold up in the snow/weather?" If the dappered East Coast community gives it an okay for Winter, I'd pull the trigger (I already have it in my "shopping bag" ready to checkout)

      I'll be in Chicago first week of November

      and NY for the first week of December.

      I have a friend who says NY snow isnt too bad. I'm not sure about Chicago though.



        If it falls apart in a single week, I'm sure you can get your money back. :-)



          Buy whatever boots you want, as long as they have a decent rubber sole. The JCP Staffords seem like a good candidate. Treat them with a leather conditioner/waterproofer like Schnee's leather conditioner or Obenauf's leather protectant (keep in mind that this will darken the leather 1-2 shades).

          And make sure they are roomy enough to wear a nice thick pair of socks in. Insulated boots aren't a necessity unless you are a serious outdoorsman, and it sounds like you'll be spending more time on cement sidewalks than knee-deep in snow and slush. A thick pair of wool socks from SmartWool or Wigwam should keep your toes toasty as long as you're moving around.

          I grew up in Montana and lived in Minnesota for 5 years. Never owned a pair of dedicated "winter boots" until relatively recently when I got more interested in the outdoors. In Minnesota, I walked about a mile to work every day. Even in a blizzard with a couple feet of snow on the sidewalk, a pair of basic boots with some wool socks was plenty warm.




            Stanford Boots it is!

            Minnesota and Montana weather is more than enough credibility for me.

            Thanks @BenR and @Alan!



              @ Timothyl - snow really shouldn't be a problem in november unless there is a untimely storm. in terms of warmth - I can attest for NY - really not that big an issue. You can comfortably walk around in sneakers even (unless they are very vented) in the time period you are expecting to be in NY.



                Thanks @Red devil! A friend from NY said last year there was only about 4 inches of snow, if that.