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[REVIEW] Bronx Dekimo Double Monk Slip-Ons (a mini review)

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    [REVIEW] Bronx Dekimo Double Monk Slip-Ons (a mini review)

    I really have no recollection of how I ended up there yesterday, but I found myself on DSW's website. While there, I discovered a double monk called the Bronx Dekimo. Here's the kicker... They're $70. They're sold out in a lot of sizes online, but I was able to find the right size locally. My impressions:

    You can click on the image to view more angles and see the shoe on DSW's site.




    look surprisingly good


    synthetic soles

    may be prone to creasing (unverified)

    goring on the inside to help slip in and out

    round toe, but square-ish sole?

    Obviously, this isn't a shoe for everyone. For what it is, though, it seems to be surprisingly good. And considering double monks are a bit of a specialty item, it may be difficult to justify spending hundreds on them for the limited use they will likely get. So in that regard, these Dekimos have found a sweet spot. That being said, on the the "pros".

    First, there's the obvious price. These are $70 shoes. They not going to kill anyone's pocketbook. And for anyone in the DSW rewards program or that has a coupon, they'll be even cheaper. For people entertaining shoes like the Staffords that Joe recently pointed out, these are your kind of shoes.

    Second, they're quite comfortable. They have a stacked (synthetic) sole that include a thin layer of sturdy foam that provides some cushion. The goring (though I'm not a fan of the look), also helps to create an easy fit that hugs your foot without squeezing it. There's also plenty of room in the toe box without sacrificing the shape of the shoe.

    Lastly (and most importantly so many people), they're surprisingly good-looking shoes. Without flipping them over or peaking at the goring, there's no outward indication that this is a $70 shoe. And from eye level, even the most discerning viewers would have a difficult time telling. They don't have that unnatural uniformity of color that so many cheap shoes have, and the particular shade of brown goes with a lot of stuff. And for the people who consider square toes to be too trendy, you won't be disappointed here. Round toes all the way! All in all, it's a pretty snappy shoe.

    Of course, they aren't perfect. So let's get on to the "cons"...

    They do have synthetic soles. That expectable from shoes at this price level, and there are no pleasant surprises. At least they're not thick and chunky like some synthetics can be. And they will likely provide a more comfortable day if you're on your feet a lot. Still... they're synthetic.

    Second, they may be prone to creasing. This is still unverified since I haven't worn them through a full day yet, but I noticed that the possibility is there. I'll follow up with more on this after the first wear.

    Also, they have goring on the inside face to make slipping in and out easier without undoing the buckles. It looks rather Kenneth Cole-ish. At least some attempt has been made to cover it and it's only visible if you're looking between someone's feet. Still, I'll know it's there and I'm not a fan. Not a deal breaker, but something to consider. For the people that don't care, this is a non-issue.

    Lastly, the shoe has a rounded toe, but the sole beneath it is a little bit square-ish. It's not noticeable unless you look straight down on it. Click the image above and follow the link to see what I mean. It's hard for me to even consider this a "con" since I've seen quite a few shoes (including expensive shoes) doing this lately. Still, it's there. Some may care. Some may not. Just pointing it out.

    So there you go! a $70 double monk that doesn't look like it's a $70 double monk!


    By the way, the pics on the site are highly representative of the actual shoe. If you like what you see online, there shouldn't be any disappointments in person.



      Great review! I think I'll pick up a pair myself.



        Just keep in mind that I haven't had sufficient time to wear them in yet so this review is based soley on first impressions. :-)



          Busting out the new shoes for a test drive tomorrow. Prepare yourselves for more crappy WIWT pics.



            i saw them in dsw yesterday. so how is the wearing experience?



              So are they on the site or only in stores?

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                @Sigtweed Corduroy: They always had a lousey selection of sizes online to begin with and now it looks like they're completely out, so I guess you really do need to find them in-store.

                @llie19: I actually wore them again yesterday. They're wearing fine, TBH. The initial creasing hasn't gotten any worse after several wears. The color has actually faded a bit across the top where the inital creasing occured, but I don't think that's uncommon for a shoe that has only been lightly colored. I'm pretty sure that attacking it with shoe polish should fix that right up. I've just been too busy to do it.



                  thanks. i don't mind the synthetic sole, they do feel decently comfortable. as you said, the color is not uniform, gives a little rugged look. i find the two straps very worn and badly bent, like they have been used a lot already. did you get that on your pair?



                    That's odd about the straps. Mine were (and still are) fine.



                      maybe I'm biased due to wearing "comfortable" rockports, but I've tried AE for reference and these are quite uncomfortable. That said, they are $70 for double monks so this is one of those sacrifice comfort for fashion shoes for me. Definitely kills it on the look though. I've only worn these twice though so maybe they'll be better after break-in?



                        @goterps: If AE's aren't comfortable for you, then these likely won't be, either.



                          btw at dsw i also saw a nice looking brown wingtip with the brand "natha studio" for $70. wonder how that wears. i have never heard bronx of natha studio elsewhere, are they brands of dsw?



                            sorry if i wasn't clear, I meant to say that the AE's were comfortable but the dekimo's aren't. Yes there is an enormous price difference. For reference they were the neumok's.



                              I picked these up too when they were featured on the main site and my observations are very similar to Alan's. Bottom line, it's a fantastic $70 shoe, but it's also a $70 shoe.

                              I will say they take a few wears to break in, so do not go sockless in them lest you want to tear up your heels. I learned this the hard way...

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