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Summer/Spring shorts

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    Summer/Spring shorts

    What's your pick for Summer/Spring shorts?

    I just picked up a pair of Seersucker shorts

    I also have a pair of cords I cutt off from last year

    Do you agree with this? Anyone rocking those pink shorts a see a lot of models sporting?


    I'm currently rocking a pair of Izod cotton shorts that I picked up from Belk for around $20. They're not too long or baggy and have a low-ish rise. They look nice without looking like "dad" shorts.

    My wife hemmed two pairs of my old BR chinos into shorts for me. One pair was beige with white pinstripes, and they look really good as shorts. Leaving them as cutoffs could be pulled off, but it's not my thing.

    I think only really dark complected people would look good in pink shorts.

    Anybody have any experience with J. Crew shorts?



      I am a fan of Seersucker shorts, i think they look great. I would be a little bit worried about any type of cords in the summer, i've actually never seen cord shorts ever. thats not to say they couldn't work tho, its certainly an interesting idea.

      when it comes to pink shorts, Dave's got a point. i think pink shorts don't work for me but i'm pretty pale, if you're semi-tan or dark skinned they can look really great tho.



        I can see why cutting up your Cords as shorts would be dangerous. But the cords I cut up where a very light tone and they were very light pants in general. But on this topic I see a lot of people talking about Jean shorts. I don't agree with this at all. Too my weird friends dad at the cook out.



          I have 3 pairs of LL Bean 8 inch shorts. I was a bit hesitant when they came in the mail as they looked a little boxy, but they turned out great. They've got a pretty good color selection and they're comfy as all hell. If I get any more I may try the Lands End chino shorts, but I really like the 8 inch inseam at LL Bean - 6 is too short for me, but I do like them short.