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    Luggage question

    Question for you guys, what are generally considered high quality luggage brands?

    I'm looking for a rolling carry-on luggage for a gift anywhere in the $200-$1000 range. I wouldn't mind dropping a decent amount of money for a quality piece (ie. Allen Edmonds for shoes), what I don't want to do is pay just for the name brand and not for the quality.



    Hartmann Tweed can be had for good prices on ebay. It's very distinct. I suppose if it's a gift, though, it probably has to be new. Tumi is a fantastic brand.



      Example of non-black (aka "boring") luggage:



        Based on my experience selling luggage (part-time job a couple years ago), I would steer you towards the Tumi Alpha line or the Hartmann Tweed line. Kind of depends on your stylistic preferences, as the Tumi is sleek and modern, and the Tweed is a bit more unusual and distinctive. If you live near a decent luggage store, I would check those two out and play with them yourself before deciding.



          *high fives for Shaun* I like your style. :-)

          And don't be afraid to check Marshall's. I was floored when I found a random piece of Hartmann tweed there.



            I researched this quite a bit 2 years ago, and here are the main brands that come up with good warranties:

            Best Warranties: Complete replacement if anything happens, even if airline is at fault

            Briggs & Riley - best warranty hands-down, but also the most expensive

            Victorinox - pretty much same as B&R

            Eagle Creek "No matter what" luggage

            TravelPro "Platinum" series

            *** NOTE: only the high-end lines of these companies have the full warranty. Their lower lines are lifetime, but only if it's a manufacturing flaw or similar.

            Very good warranty: lifetime on anything that's not your fault

            Lower lines of B&R/Victorinox/Eagle Creek

            TravelPro - their Crew line, maybe others

            Decent Warranty: 10years or so

            Most Samsonite, Delsey, etc.

            I decided that I wanted to get the cheapest luggage I could that met this criteria:

            1. has ballistic nylon so the outer material won't tear

            2. has wheels that are replaceable (these are always the first things to fail, and my last cheapo bag had no easy way to swap them)

            3. a lifetime warranty, though I didn't want to pay for the super high end ones

            4. A medium sized roller - 25-26" range. The bigger 28-30" bags are just way too damn big to lug around

            I ended up getting a TravelPro Crew 8 for around $160. It met all of the criteria above, and was at least $150 cheaper than the super high-end warranty luggage pieces. Overall it's pretty decent, but the biggest downsides are a boxy look and really crappy inner pockets that aren't completely closed up. The wheels are smooth though, and the ballistic nylon seems pretty tough.

            If you're not picky about color, I've seen some of the B&R luggage go for very cheap on SierraTradingPost. (Colors like red or green which I wasn't super fond of, but you might not care). I looked at Tumi, but they always seemed rather overpriced for the quality.

            Hope that helps! If anyone can recommend a good backpack, I'm about to do a trip to Brazil and really don't want to bring rolling luggage this time around.



              Awesome, thanks guys, I'll take a look through these brands and try to find a pattern that she can appreciate.



                Eddie Bauer clothes can be pretty ugly and boxy, but a lot of their gear is great. I have a backpack that I love, and a friend has a suitcase. They have a few sizes and a canvas option, but from firsthand knowledge I know these are very practical:

                Also, everything has a lifetime guarantee and you can go look at it in person before you buy.



                  Thanks again guys. Alot of great suggestions but many had aesthetic designs that I know wouldn't appeal to the GF (but look great to me). Tumi has some great looking stuff inside and out but they stopped their lifetime warranty and I read some reviews that the quality is getting worse.

                  I would love the Tweed for myself, but for her I think i'm gonna roll with this piece from Hartmann:



                    "Do you ever think about luggage, Mr. Banks?"


                    (This is one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies - and probably the finest luggage-based scene in cinematic history)