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    Thoughts on this shoe? 940&activeCats=cat20192,dsw4cat70002

    Not sure about Penguin quality when it comes to shoes, but from the looks of it this seems like a good choice for the price.

    That being said, any suggestions for similar price range for a basic, brown cap toe? I need a versatile shoe like that...


    I'd stay away at full price. Maybe at 40%+ off...

    5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



      look nice, can go more formal with slacks or casual with jeans/chinos.

      one thing i don't like about these non-black shoes is you will never know the true color until you have it in your hands. the product pictures, while using good lighting to reveal all the details, often do not convey the true color. they just call it brown, but there are like 10 shades of brown in reality, ranging widely.



        I have a similar pair of Penguin Tan oxfords (bluchers?) that I picked up from LastCall for about 60$. At 100, I'd say there could be better options out there.



          The only Penguin shoes I've ever owned was a pair of chukkas. I only wore them occassionally and within a couple of months both soles had almost completely come unglued from the upper. They were comfortable & the suede wore well but very poor construction.



            Thanks all.

            So, any other options for a decent brown cap toe in that price range? (Preferably from DSW — I have a coupon there.) I can't seem to find any...



              @devirkahan: Have you considered heading down to your local store and checking the clearance racks? Best bang for your buck.



                These are currently on sale for just under $80:


                The eyelets make it perhaps a little less dressy. Sizes are limited.



                  Alan: Cool, thanks. Those actually look real nice. I just wish I could see a view from the top. Can't get a good feel for the toe box shape. How's their return policy? And what coupon do I need to get them under $80?



                    And what about free shipping?



                      Also (sorry for all the posting ), any reason why it's called a lace up "loafer" as opposed to just an oxford?



                        You don't need a coupon to get under $80. It's taken off automatically when you check out. If you need a free shipping code, try "LCOCT75". There return policy is pretty standard. They have a 30-day return policy and you can return via mail or in-store if you have one near you.

                        As for the whole "loafer" thing... On closer inspection, it appears that those laces, in fact, may be fake. In that case, that's a let-down. back to the drawing board.



                          Oof. Indeed. Fake laces? You would think they would mention that in the description...

                          I'm not done with you yet, though! LOL

                          I know this is crazy, coming from American Eagle and all, but what do you think of these? — The brand is Bed Stu, so...



                            I'm not a fan of the shrunken soles on those Bed Stu's. Looks like it's hiding.



                              I think if $100 is your budget (which is perfectly generous) you can do much better than penguin or ben sherman quality wise.

                              Maybe something on sale?

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