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Rainy / bad weather wear for work

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    Rainy / bad weather wear for work

    So, I basically have no good clothing for wear at work when it rains or snows.

    My office is all business casual ( button down collared shirts + slacks, but not suit or jacket necessary ).

    I'm looking for two types of items:

    1. Boots

    - are dressy enough to wear with grey/brown/navy dress pants (can't be too clunky)

    - have a rubber sole (dainite or commando)

    - are fairly water proof (no suede)

    Basically I'm trying to find something that's waterproof but not super ugly. (For example, LL Bean duck boots are hideous and awful for work wear).

    2. A lightweight jacket

    - is waterproof

    - will match with grey/brown/navy dress pants

    - is NOT a full length trench - I hate the looks of those


    In terms of boots, have you considered the Stafford wingtip boots that Joe put up on the main page? Since you'll be wanting bad-weather gear, why spend a ton of money on something specifically meant to handle damage? I'm actually gonna go check 'em out on my lunch break since I've got a JCP across teh street.

    As for jackets... The only "waterproof" jackets I know are vinyl, and they don't look so great. Otherwise, you would want to consider something "water resistant" which could be any number of natural or synthetic materials of a particular weave or given a particular treatment. I would personally be more willing to spend more on a weather resistant jacket than on weather resistant footwear, but others may disagree.

    Lastly... Budget?



      Budget is fairly open. Let's say < $200 for the boots and < $150 for the jacket. Weather resistant is fine - it does't have to be a rain-only jacket. I'd actually prefer a spring/fall regular use jacket that's weather resistant.

      Also, isn't it a little weird to get boots with wingtips/broguing on them for bad weather wear? Seems like snow/mud/etc would just get all gunked up in them.



        I like this jacket, but is it too casual?

        EDIT: Now that I think of it, being OD green may limit it's use (if only slightly).



          How about a waterproof boot like this one:

          I like this Jacket:



            @Juan: That looks like a great rain boot, but a potential death trap in snow. I really like that jacket, though.



              When it rains or snows, I wear my ugly boots to the office and change. Just haven't found any boots that meet your criteria. The other option is to go with swims galoshes/overshoes (

              For the jacket, I go with a technical shell, e.g., North Face, Columbia, etc... Here are two recommendations:

              I have this one in black, it's super light, windproof, and waterproof. I can throw it on over a suit, shirt, etc... with no problems and it always keeps me dry. For colder weather you'll want to go with another jacket or layer up.


              If you haven't heard of Golite, I highly recommend their apparel. This one is on sale until tomorrow (Oct. 3) and gives a little more thermal insulation than the North Face one.


              When it's ugly outside, functionality trumps style. You could go with a peacoat, rain trench, etc..., but the above options get the job done, period.



                Here's another jacket option:


                It's not weather-proofed in any way, but you can scotch guard it if you want water to bead up on it. Otherwise, it's hooded and has good length (which you'll want if you're trying to keep your pants dry). Plus, it's got a clean look that would go well in an office setting. The only potential drawback is that it only comes in one color - navy.



                  @Juan - that Timberland jacket is really nice. good find!



                    @90Shilling - I wanted to get that jacket when they had their Friends&Family 40% sale a week or two ago and they didn't have my size in the Mid Blue color. Of course, now they do, so I guess I'll wait until the next sale.

                    @Alan - I agree about those boots in the snow. When it snows here, I do as 90Shilling and wear my ugly snow boots to work, then I change into my spare dress shoes that I keep under my desk.



                      A bit over your budget but I have these and they've been fantastic:


                      I've beat the hell out of them the last couple of years and they look better now then when new! (Of course, I use shoe trees, conditioner, polish, etc)

                      Have you looked at Barbour jackets? Again, they're over budget but if you got a Beaufort or Bedale you could easily keep it a decade or more. They are waxed cotton, "not a full length trench", and are pretty timeless. The Beaufort is a bit longer if you need to wear it over a sportcoat. They pop up on eBay and over at the StyleForum B&S thread pretty often too.



                        Hmm, I really like that Timberland jacket, but I think the field jacket style would be a little too casual for a work setting.



                          I just ordered the Timberland Jacket with 30% coupon code: AUTUMN12

                          It came out to $138.60 shipped, since no sales tax on clothing in NJ.



                            Has anybody tried galoshes/overshoes? I'm looking at these Totes geometric loafers:

                            They aren't that bad looking (as far as these things go), are inexpensive, and they fold up for storage in the briefcase. Any experience with these or thoughts?




                              I have this one in navy. You can skip the inner shell and just use the outer layer when it's not that cold. I have one in Beige. If you plan to wear it on a suit, order up 1 size. I ordered 2 sizes & returned one (Free returns) when the friends and family sale was on. It looks pretty good and the sleeves are just the right size for me. It's on the snugger side compared to trench coats