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A mere minutes away - trying on a Frank and Oak blazer

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    A mere minutes away - trying on a Frank and Oak blazer

    Just got my delivery of the chestnut F&O blazer (size 36). I guess we'll see what all the noise is about.


    Prepare to be disappointed (unless you're one of the rare few that they designed the fit of their jackets for).



      @Vicious49 - I'm a glutton for punishment : ) I'm fully expecting to return it for store credit, ie pocket squares.



        I too will have this experience shortly! Just waiting for it to be delivered today. One can hope!



          Okay, here's my pictureless review (hope to post pics at some point):

          1. Blazer came in a small, red F&O box.

          2. Blazer is wrapped in gift/tissue paper.

          3. Received a small F&O sticker.

          4. A note saying "Believe in the impossible", signed by Ethan (I'm assuming that he was talking about the blazer fitting well).

          I'd say the blazer is a keeper:

          1. The fit (36R) is snug but not tight. Definitely a taper in the middle. I can button it comfortably and the lapels or rear vent doesn't bulge out (like a Bonobos blazer I had a few months back).

          2. The shoulders are a tad off-shoulder, but nothing I can't live with. I could do with a little less shoulder padding, but again, it works for me.

          3. Sleeves and jacket length were spot on. I need to try it with a dress shirt, but given where the sleeve ends and my hand begins, I'll probably have about 1/2" of cuff showing, which is my sweet spot.

          4. The sleeves are pretty trim. I was expecting my arms to swim in them, but they look fine.

          5. The armholes are good. A little lower compared to say, H&M (which fits me perfectly), but again, looks fine to me.

          6. Non-surgical cuffs, if that matters.

          I'm 5'10, 145lbs, long torso, for reference. I might be the 1% that these blazers fit decent on, according to other reviews I've read. It has a snugger fit than my favorite cordouroy blazer by H&M (in the same size, 36R). There are probably no alterations that I need or want to have done on it. For $50, for me it was money well spent.




            Did you size up or is a 36R what you normally wear?



              @Kman - I'm usually a 36R (and in some cases with H&M, a 34R). I was thinking of sizing up to 38 after reading that the 36 might be too tight for those who normally wear that size, but I took a leap of faith and tried the 36.



                I tried mine on. I am usually around a 39-40R, and ordered the 40. A tiny bit more shoulder padding than I would prefer, but not bad. The armholes are nice and high, sleeves are nice and slim. The material and construction is very good for the $40 I paid for it.

                My only 2 issues with it are:

                1) It fits quite trim. The 40 is a tad tight for me. 40R in the BarIII slim fit suits fits me PERFECTLY as a reference point. This is more slim fitting than that.

                2) The button stance is a bit higher than I would like. It could be moved down an inch or so in my opinion.

                Overall, I may keep it as a casual jacket to go tieless with and keep unbuttoned. I wouldnt use this as my go to blazer, but if youre going out for something on the more casual side, it is more than sufficient, and at $40, I can definitely see getting my moneys worth of wear out of it.



                  What the hell is a 36R? Sounds like a pant size..



                    I'm 5'8"-5'9" and weigh a little north of 142. I went with the 38R in the corduroy jacket, and it fit well, but I'm not thrilled with the shoulder pads.

                    For those who have the jacket, do you think a tailor could do anything with the shoulder pads to make it more natural in this jacket?



                      I have decently broad shoulders, so the padding didnt really look unnatural on me. I dont know if I would spend what it would cost to fiddle with the shoulders on a $40 cord jacket. If you really want it to be a central piece in your wardrobe though, best bet is just taking it to a tailor and seeing what they have to say. Advice is free!



                        @frost That's actually a real problem when I'm looking for suits on eBay.