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    Leather Jacket Linings

    I've been looking for a good, "affordable" leather jacket for a long time. The problem I run into every time is the lining. It's almost always some terrible cheap acrylic like nylon or polyester and in my opinion it completely ruins the whole point of a premium material like leather.

    I get the point of having a lining, but why are 95% of them cheap, 100% synthetic things that are uncomfortable to the touch and don't breathe at all? Does anyone have any knowledge on this?

    And also if you've found a nice looking leather jacket with a good lining please feel free to share


    I just went searching for the fabric tag in my leather jackets. I couldn't find it in all of them, but the highest quality one (a "once in lifetime" purchase while in Florence) has a polyester lining. I have a cheaper one that is still a really nice dressy leather jacket, couldn't find the tag, but feels like polyester to me. And then I have one I would put in the "affordable" range, couldn't find the tag, that has a fleece (synthetic?) liner. Then I have some that are unlined, although these are motorcycle jackets.

    If you want something that breathes, leather isn't the right material for you. While there is a huge difference in feel between my nicest and my cheapest jacket, neither breathes well. I like wearing leather because it is pretty windproof - which is the opposite of breathable.

    As far as uncomfortable to the touch, the polyester in any of mine never bothered me, but we all have different things we are sensitive to. I will say that I get compliments on the lining of my higher end jacket all the time, and the feel of it is great, in my opinion. It may also be that you need to invest in a slightly higher quality jacket. What style of jacket are you looking for? I may be able to point you to some sources.



      I guess it's mostly the sleeve lining that bothers me. A lot of acrylics and synthetics will make me sweat when they touch my skin directly. It's strange, but it happens for some reason. I could probably just buy one with a poly lining and cut the sleeves out or have them replaced with cotton or something that doesn't bother me.

      I'm either looking for a simple motorcycle style with no branding similar to this: tions/new-arrivals/leather&fmetaProduct=cc1514

      or something like this:



        I have a non-expensive (for leather) jacket which has a quilted lining (synthetic) but I only wear in late Fall/ early spring in NY.

        Check out Schott NYC - they have cotton lined jackets like below



          @red devil - wow i really like a lot of those. thanks for sharing



            @ justin t - you are welcome.



              If you do end up getting stuck with synthetic, look for one with snaps on the cuff, so you can open them up, fold them back, and get a bit of airflow on your arms. I find I unsnap the cuffs for some air a lot more than I would've thought.

              I like that Filson jacket...