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    This is the one situation where I say go full-bore SF urban lumberjack.



      Haven't tried 'em, but check these out:

      They're slim fit and currently on sale. They're cotton, but they appear to be treated with something to resist stains and are wrinkle free from the dryer (perhaps due to the weave?). And they come in a plethora of sizes since they throw in custom hemming for free.



        Alan - according to the reviews, the pockets aren't big enough for a gun! Take a star away for that! I would want to get them unharmed altogether instead of specifying an inseam because it would make it easier to get it perfect from the tailor.

        I haven't heard of Outlier...might be appropriate for this. S&C, I'll have to read today's post!



          Where in downtown SF?? I'm on Mission between 1st and 2nd street. Neighbors! haha



            I also forgot to say: congratulations to you. I have a feeling you're going to look like a badass.



              Lib - haha, thanks. The office manager said "nice shirt" so that's a start.

              The office is in Brisbane, but I live in the Sunset District. I'll be covering the east half of the city and county of SF, and after two days of orientation, I'm pretty excited.



                Did you ever check out the outlier gear ( ??

                If you do, I'd love to hear what you think. I have some of the "4 Season OG Pants" and "Slim Dungarees" but they've recently added some other things that I'm curious about. I'd love to hear what people actually have to say cos there stuff is expensive enough for me to question it (even though everything I do own from them I ended up buying at least another pair of).



                  Thanks for starting this thread, Nick, as I'm in a similar line of work (environmental consulting) and often find myself in the field for half the day and in the office the other. Unfortunately I'm finding that most of my field clothes are too baggy for wearing around town, not to mention getting the occasional mud spatters from monitoring construction sites. I'm focusing on re-building my office wardrobe first, but will gradually replace my field clothes with pieces that are a bit more stylish that the standard REI/North Face/Patagonia look that's so prevalent around here (also in the SF Bay Area). Right now my go-to pair of field pants is a pair of North Face khaki canvas climbing pants (or something like that). They're OK and definitely durable but a bit too heavy for my taste in warmer temperatures (like the last few days we've had!).



                    Yeah - it's wildly hot right now, so I'm being careful not to base any purchases on the current weather. I want to get a pretty heavyweight pant for durability and warmth. I like dressing to the nines, but I want to be wearing appropriate clothes that folks wouldn't wonder what in the world I'm doing in their backyard with leather-soled shoes on.