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    New job uniform

    Hi all,

    I turned down a job offer when I first moved, but they have returned offering twice as much as offer I can't afford to refuse. And working for a good company.

    The job is a sales rep for a tree care company in downtown SF. You can pick from the Lands End catalog for work shirts, but I'm on my own for pants and footwear. They didn't like the idea of wearing jeans, but my dark denim beats the stonewashed look they're thinking of. Anyways, the J. Crew urban slim fits would look stellar, and I would feel very confident in them when meeting with the affluent customers in the area, but it's a tree company with outdoor work, so I might cry if chainsaw bar oil dripped on them. I won't be doing the work, but I'll visit job sites every day.

    Target has cheaper chinos, and the tailored fits are $27.99. Seems like a solid option. But the fabric is much thinner, and the weather is pretty cool here.

    For footwear, I have a great pair of Merrell shoes with a rugged rubber sole. But I'm thinking about boots. Before when I was working in the field every day, I wanted steel toes, but now I'm thinking that would be too clunky for the chino/khaki look. Thoughts?

    OnlyShawn had good looks for a landscape architect.


    Congrats! Nice work making them double their offer. Master negotiating.



      With a sale, the J Crew factory urban slim fit chinos are great. I got some for about $20.



        nicholascrawford, congratulations!



          Congrats on the new job!

          Re boots: Boots don't have to be too chunky to go with chinos. Turn-of-the-century workwear styles like the Red Wing Iron Ranger, L.L. Bean Katahdin Engineer, Chippewa 6" Classic, Wolverine 1000 Mile, etc., have got a sleek profile and low profile lugs. The Chippewas come in a steel-toed version and are reasonably priced. The other brands may have steel-toed varieties as well, though I haven't really looked into it much.

          I occasionally wore my Chips in my law office work environment this summer, where the most casual acceptable attire for men was shirts, ties, and chinos. The boots were totally fine for the office and not too clunky, though I made sure not to wear them on my court days. Perfect for rainy days when I had to trudge through the muddy parking lot to meet clients in the detention center.




            Thank you. =)

            Hmm - I didn't realize there was a J. Crew Factory slim fit option. Same name? Urban slim fit? I tried on a pair of the regular J. Crew ones and found them a perfect fit with a decent, almost denim, heft to the fabric. But still soft.

            Ben - I'll check out all of those. I figured you would be a good source for that!



              Yeah, "urban slim." For $44 now (too pricey) but with 25% code and free shipping at the moment, I think if you order over $100. If you get a 30% off sale items, and some urban slims are discounted to begin with, it is a great deal. They are decent in quality -- better than, say, Dockers.



                In case you do get oil on them try out de-solv-it plus. I've been using it for about a year and it's been amazing and at about $8 a bottle the cost is reasonable.



                  Even on old stains? I have a lot of persistent oil stains.



                    I'm not sure about old per say, however I've removed stains after a shirt has gone through the dryer and in one case removed what looked like an oil stain that the dry cleaners had tried to remove. I've had some stains that took two applications. The only thing I haven't been able to get out (so far) has been ink.






                        Thin pants don't have to be a problem. That's what long johns are for. Totally not kidding, either.

                        Otherwise, for the colder months, Eddie Bauer carries flannel lined khakis. They can be a bit bulkier (surprise surprise), but they sure are comfy.





                            How about those new jcp ones Joe reviewed today? Gap versions can be had pretty cheaply as well when on sale.

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                              If you're OK with spending a bit more then I'd definitely say look at what Outlier has to offer. If you're not familiar with them they are a NYC based brand that specialize in making "office-appropriate" clothes that can transition just as easily to riding your bike to work in the rain/snow or going hiking.

                              TL;DR - Tech-based materials and tailored fits.