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    brown pants

    So i recently bought a pair of chocolate brown chinos that i love the color of the only problem is I have no clue what to wear it with, and they were definitely expensive so i want to get the wear out of them. they are the same color as the dark brown ones in this picture except they are straight leg and not cord's hionColor=SADDLE&resultback=266

    I'm also a college student so they will just be worn casually to class and out, any suggestions on shirt color to wear it with and also your opinion of if my go to everyday gray low top converse will go good with them. Thanks for your help


    Grey converse will work fine in terms of color. Casual brown leather shoes or desert boots too. For shirts, I'd wear white or light blue OCBDs, blue gingham, blue and white vertical striped collared shirts -- stuff like that. Even chambray, navy, and grey shirts would work. Layer with navy blue or grey (even camel colored?) v-neck sweaters. I imagine you'd be looking sharp.



      See for some ideas. Basically play with blue, green, orange, and yellow hues to start with and see how they look to you as they are the "correct" colors to go with brown.

      I personally really like a slighter dark blue shirt with my british tan chinos (which depending on the light can look rather brown).



        I don't know... Orange and yellow seem like difficult places to start playing with colors, no? They tend to be loud. Also, yellow and brown is a combination I don't particularly like, but maybe that's just me. Either way, my advice is to stick with grey, navy and white until you feel like you know what you're doing.



          Try purple! Purple gingham or checks with brown pants



            @BB I guess I should clarify, playing with can include wearing the pants somewhere and then trying on those colors just to see how they look on him.

            I didn't mean purchase those colors if you didn't already own anything in them. Going to JCP and seeing how that orange gingham shirt looks for example.

            I admit I have no orange and no shirts that the main color is yellow since shirts in either color do not look good on me.



              yeah I knew white would work, although boring. I have a purple j crew gingham I'll try with it aswell as a dark gray chambray and a grey micro-gingham. I'll try expirementiing with some color since I have a yellow 1/4 zip pullover that I think could maybe go with it.



                I've found that (besides white) grey and navy seem to pair really well with brown. Also, red, especially like a wine red or burgundy. The trick is keeping some contrast somewhere so everything isn't too dark and warm.

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                  With pants that dark, I think you can interchange with pretty much anything you would normally wear with a pair of dark grey pants (which would be almost anything). I can't actually think of anything off-hand that wouldn't work. That being said, that dark brown is more fall/winter so whatever you pick would probably look best if you keep that in mind.



                    I had a pair of Frontier Brown Dockers Alpha Khakis that are dark brown like those ones. I decided to return them because I don't have the shoes or shirts to match.

                    Instead I picked up the lighter Buckskin color



                      I have a teal shirt (link below) and it goes well with brown pants (although mine are not as dark as yours)


                      I agree with Ryan - purple gingham would look great.

                      Black would match up pretty well too.