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My Alphas Have Been Sacrificed to the Asphalt Gods!

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    My Alphas Have Been Sacrificed to the Asphalt Gods!

    I took a nice spill on my motorcycle yesterday while riding home from the gym. By the time I went down, I had decelerated from around 50 to 20.

    My poor Alpha Khakis! This was seriously my second time wearing these pants, I had just gotten them back from the tailor. It was also maybe 5th or 6th time wearing this belt. I had also just received my Parnis watch in the mail a few minutes before leaving for the gym, so naturally I was wearing it!


    Alphas - Toast

    Belt - Not sure...maybe I can do something about it?

    Parnis - Tiny blemish on the leather strap - I was likely going to replace this regardless

    Moto (all left side):

    Mirror, Turn Signal, Shift Lever, Rear Spool, and Fairing - Toast

    Clutch Lever and Bar End - Cosmetic

    Riding Gear:

    Helmet, Boots, Leather Jacket, Gloves - Very minor cosmetics

    Seriously, my helmet has 1 little scrape on it...!?


    Left Knee - Decent amount of road rash. This will take at least a month to heal up. Stairs are not fun at the moment!

    After the police took my info and the EMTs cleared me, I rode the bike the rest of the 10 minutes home, which means both it and I only sustained minor injuries. Amazing. For anyone that rides, this is why you spend good money on proper riding gear and you wear it all the time. No un-padded fashion first leather jackets/sweaters/t-shirts, work boots/sneakers, thin gloves, or half helmets. If I had been wearing knee/shin guards, I would have been entirely unscathed. All in all, I'm a few hundred dollars in the hole and I get to walk funny for a little while. No complaints here.

    Sorry if this isn't entirely relevant, but I was sad to see my Alphas destroyed because I had just gotten them! Time to start looking for deals on new Alphas.

    tl;dr - Had a moto spill, me: 95% unscathed, alphas: very scathed


    Glad to hear you're okay. Not glad to hear your Dockers are not okay.



      Glad you're alright!



        Haha this reminds me of myself. I usually wear a two piece leather suit when riding, but anyway I was riding my friends automatic 3 speed pit bike when we were up at the track about a month ago and I accidentally loop it on the 1-2 shift. Scrape up my knee pretty good. Luckily I was wearing shorts, so no damage to my clothes! In the future, I will avoid first gear all together on automatic pit bikes.

        What kind of bike do you ride? What caused the spill?

        5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



          Thanks for the kind words all.

          @Redford - '08 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. I've had it for 3 years now and love it because I'm usually just around town and it's light, nimble, and has a pretty upright riding position. I'm almost never on the highway, so acceleration/top speed certainly aren't concerns for me. Not to mention I get over 40MPG riding in town and over 50MPG if I'm cruising.

          As for the cause - The road I was on had a crest followed by a downward sloping corner. I was coming around the corner just cruising along with the other motorists and I saw a police car on the side of the road. She was just there to direct traffic into a parking lot for a local festival we have going on. But between the time I looked at her then looked back to the road, the light at the intersection had gone yellow, so I got on the brakes. I was afraid of running the light directly in front of a cop. Unfortunately, the intersection was filled with gravel/sand that I couldn't see on my approach. If I had seen it, I definitely would've just accelerated through the light. Well, hard braking + sand = bad. There are ways I could've avoided the outcome, but everyone makes mistakes.

          A couple on a cruiser had actually pulled over to talk to the cop about where they should park for the festival. The cop, the couple, and the two EMTs were all motorcyclists and we spent most of time talking about riding while they wrapped my knee and took down my info. All very nice people who did nothing to chastise or belittle me. They saw I was geared up, saw that I was alright, and understood the circumstances. I am very grateful to have had them assist me.



            Sorry to hear about your accident - glad to hear you're all right.

            Not to get too preachy, but this is a good demonstration of why I would never, NEVER ride a motorcycle without all the appropriate protective clothing. My dad's two older brothers ride Harleys. These are two aging, conservative professionals in their 60s who ride carefully and don't take unnecessary risks. Both of them have been in accidents in the past 5 years. One hit a deer doing 65mph on a country highway. He wore the full protective kevlar gear, but still spent a week or so in the hospital with broken bones, punctured ribs, etc. Without the gear, he'd be dead.

            Just this summer, the other hit a deer doing 70mph on the interstate... miraculously, the deer crumpled his front bumper but the bike stayed upright as he slid to a halt. He was shaken but unhurt. He was wearing full protective gear, as well.

            My dad's a volunteer firefighter and his district happens to cover the interstate where it goes up and over a mountain pass a few miles outside of town. 90% of what his crew does is medical first response to interstate accidents. He's told me some pretty horrific stories of stuff they've seen - including a helmetless motorcyclist who took a spill at full speed and ended up using his face as a brake. Dad said it was a good thing the guy was dead on arrival, because there wasn't enough of his face left to provide artificial respiration.

            Long story short - let your sacrificed khakis serve as a warning to you! Keep wearing the right gear, and hopefully you AND your clothes will keep safe.




              @BenR - Not preachy at all! You're 100% right. Obviously the one area which wasn't protected is the one that got injured. Logical conclusion - I should've had that area protected like I had done with everywhere else. That's why there is some new leg gear on order....And some new Alphas!

              Anyone think the belt can be salvaged with some leather cleaner? Can't hurt to try.



                Give the belt a little TLC with mink oil or a wax-based leather protectant like Obenauf's. It may not ever look 100% again, but it will still be fine for casual wear and will make a good story if anyone comments on it.




                  Do you normally wear those kind of clothes to work out in?



                    @ kman - I imagine S&V changed back into his regular clothes at the gym after his workout.




                      It's so like Dappered to hold a moment of silence for a fallen pair of khaki pants.



                        @BenR - Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into that tonight. And I definitely agree about it providing a good story. I was told by someone I showed the belt to, "It adds character."

                        @Kman - BenR is right. I change at the gym. Shoes, shorts, shirt, water bottle all in the backpack.

                        @Cannon - I wouldn't have it any other way!



                          A few thoughts as a fellow motorcycle commuter:

                          I own a lot of protective gear. For years, I tried to make due with separate jacket and overpants, but I found myself often skipping the overpants. I tried just kneepads underneath, so I'd still look normalish, but didn't wear those most the time either. The reality of genuinely protective gear is that it just isn't very attractive. Even though legs are the most likely spot to be damaged, they're the most likely spot to be ignored.

                          I recommend looking at one-piece suits that you can wear over your clothing. It's easier to manage than separate jacket and pants, plus it helps make sure you're protected fully. I've owned an Aerostich Roadcrafter suit and a Teiz Power Shell suit - both are great.

                          My current getup:

                          Teiz Power Shell Suit (custom size, all black in color)

                          Alpinestars SMX-1 Boots

                          RS Taichi GP-X Gloves

                          Arai Corsair Helmet

                          and a Kriega US-20 Pack on the tail of my bike for my luggage.



                            Enough people have already commented on the lack of leg protection, so I'll comment on the backpack. Buy something you can put your stuff in and attach it to the bike. Loading up a backpack and then falling on your back is a great way to break your spine. If I'm on a bike without permanent luggage, I've either got a tank bag (dozens of generic choices out there) or a rear pack (the Kriega that BenR mentioned is a great choice, but I use a Wolfman Moto-briefcase, handy for carrying a laptop).