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Trip to Italy (Tuscany and Venice) - Where to shop?

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    Trip to Italy (Tuscany and Venice) - Where to shop?

    Hi guys,

    I am heading to Tuscany and Venice in two weeks and would like to pick up some leather goods (weekender bag, jacket, wallet, shoes, etc.) and possibly a suit while I am there. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on where to shop in Tuscany/Venice for these items? In terms of pricing, I am looking for both bargains and/or some splurge worthy items. Thanks in advance.


    I've heard that Ferragamo has a basement to their retail shop in Florence with discounted stuff from last year. Still likely to be damn expensive. A lawyer friend told me about this, and I think he said other upscale places have these discount areas too. Florence is the place in Tuscany that will have the most selection, but it's touristy so it will be expensive. Venice -- don't look for clothes there. Not many people live there (about 30,000 total) so it is mainly a tourist and arts-focused area. In other words, big markups. I loved Venice, but you have to get away from San Marco. Check out Cannareggio for a more laid back neighborhood with real Venetians and chill strolling areas.

    Naples and Milan apparently have the best places to go for clothes in Italy, but they are incredibly expensive (and of incredible quality). As far as I know, most Italians get affordable clothes at places we are familiar with already. I asked a very well dressed Italian man that I met at a conference where he got his suit. It was from Suit Supply, shirt from H&M, etc. In short, I'd recommend forgetting about clothes while in Tuscany and the Veneto, and focus on the amazing architecture, art, food and views instead! Enjoy your trip.



      I had the great fortune of living in Florence for 4 months. There is a ton of shopping you can do there.

      In terms of things you can't find in the US, I liked some of the things at Massimo Dutti (it's a Spanish company) and Sisley.

      La Rinascente is a big department store in Piazza della Repubblica. Lots of nice items, many brands you are familiar with. I never bought anything in there, but I also have a hard time dealing with the size of department stores. Didn't come across any remarkable sales either.

      Moreschi has a store also in Piazza della Repubblica if you want to drop a good amount of money on shoes.

      There's also a Prada outlet a bit outside of Firenze. You have to take a train and then a cab to get there, but many of the items are around 50% off. It's still expensive obviously, but if you're looking to splurge, there are some deals to be had.

      And if you're just walking around, there are some large open air leather goods markets where you can pick up belts, jackets, wallets, etc for pretty good prices. I'm no expert on these things, but I would definitely try to educate myself on what to look for in terms of quality before trying to buy something at one of the markets.

      Unfortunately, you missed out on the Saldi (sales). Italy has two large country-wide sale periods - usually during January and July. Just one more reason to go back!

      Lastly, have a wonderful trip! I absolutely loved my time in Italy.



        I haven't been to Tuscany (yet), but I spent a couple days in Venice. The entire city gave my sticker shock so I won't be much help. The few things we brought back were home decorations like a Murano glass vase that will decorate our home and be something we can keep as a permanent reminder of our trip.

        I know that didn't even begin to answer your question, but that's all I've got...



          I went to Italy a couple of years back and pretty much didn't buy anything but souvenirs. Its a great place for sight seeing and walking around/ eating. As far as shopping goes, very expensive and unlike USA, not many sales around (wasn't really looking). I suggest asking some locals for good places to shop. Also smaller leather shops might be better value. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy the trip.