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Blue vs. black gingham

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    Blue vs. black gingham

    Which do you prefer?

    What do you like to pair with each?


    Personally: Blue on it's own, black with a jacket or tie.



      With all things clothes, if you have a choice between blue (navy) or black, choose blue.



        I have both, and like them both. Navy is more versatile. Black I wear with a grey suit and a purple, navy, deep red, grey or black knit tie. I also have worn it with a chino tan suit and red tie, and with dark jeans and a grey tweed jacket. I think it's sharp. The navy I wear with the chino tan suit, grey wool suit, charcoal suit, navy suit, cream linen suit, and casually with chinos, jeans, etc. That's everything I own, pretty much. Not with seersucker! Goes with a red, grey, blue, or pretty much any other color tie. Pick what would work better with your existing wardrobe.

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          Blue goes better with the vast majority of colors that I actually wear. But then again, are we talking true blue or navy? I have both and use them for different things, but I also had a black gingham shirt that I realized I never wore. Colors I mix blue gingham with: yellow, burgundy, gray, earthier shades like clay, certain shades of green. I could use black with gray, of course, and depending on the outfit I could even do it with some of those other colors (yellow, burgundy), but I just feel like when I plan out an outfit, I always come out thinking the blue gingham works better.

          I really like black gingham under black sweaters, though, and honestly, if I wore suits and sport coats more often, would probably get more use out of that type of shirt with gray/black suits.



            imo, navy or blue gingham I think is better than black.



              For my it's blue/navy, however I also feel that black doesn't look good on me so I avoid it to begin with. If black looks good on you it could definetely work, though generally blues will probably look better in general.



                I like blue, and then black in a smaller gingham works well as a layer. Then you don't have to choose.



                  Should have specified the blue shade. I am thinking something along the lines of the Calibrate Slim Fit in Navy or Black.




                    What about black vs purple?

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                      For me i'll list the gingham shirts i have in order of how often I wear them.

                      1-royal blue medium gingham (Tommy Hilfiger slim fit)

                      2-mustardy yellow medium gingham (BR Slim Fit)

                      3-green small gingham (Nicole Miller slim fit)

                      4-black small gingham (Nicole Miller slim fit)

                      also I have a black and purple gingham shirt (Calvin Klein slim) that would probably come in after my yellow shirt.

                      I find that with gingham I can't wear it as often as I'd like because it is so noticable with the bold colors on white.

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                        Is it a bit off to wear a black gingham shirt with brown shoes?

                        I know the universe won't implode, but in keeping with general, safe style suggestions, is it an acceptable pairing?



                          Joe does it. See the third look here:




                            I have a purple gingham that I wear all the time. I'm looking at getting a navy, royal blue, and ice blue in the future before looking for black and red.



                              My favorite gingham shirt is an LEC orange. Makes a nice autumn piece paired with a navy v-neck sweater.