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Wedding gift from my fiancé

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    Wedding gift from my fiancé

    Ok. So I am starting to look at watches as a wedding gift from my fiancé. Looking for ideas. Looked at some Tissot today as well as the omega seamaster. Saw a of my price range I am sure. What are your ideas? Fav watches?


    Congrats! Getting married too and wishing my fiancee had this mindset. Joking, of course.

    For the buck, Citizen Eco-Drives are very nice. Have 2 and never needed a battery. Have had both over 6 years now.

    Of course there are other higher-priced watches but, from experience, pound for pound, they are excellent! watches%2C189

    Good luck!



      Depends a lot on your budget. There are some nice Tissots, Hamiltons, Seikos, Christopher Wards, etc. for well under $1000.

      Panerai are very expensive - the cheapest are around $5,000 on the grey market. Omegas can be slightly cheaper, but usually not by a lot, especially recently as they've been hiking up their prices to be more "competitive" with Rolex.

      Also depends a lot on what style you're looking for. Something dressy? Casual? Sporty? Diver, aviator, chronograph? The Panerai is technically a dive watch but a very different style from most dive watches, so I'm not sure that's necessarily the style you'll want to look at. The Omega Aqua Terra, on the other hand, is part of the Seamaster line but much more of a dress/sport watch than a diver.

      Some lines to look at:

      Omega Aqua Terra (if you've got the budget for it)

      Ball Fireman

      Ball Engineer II

      Ball Trainmaster

      Hamilton Jazzmaster

      Hamilton Intramatic

      Tissot Visodate

      Tissot Le Locle

      Seiko SARB (available from Seiya Japan and Chino Watches)

      Anything from Christopher Ward




        My fiancee got me an Omega PO 2500. I'll receive it in about 3 weeks on our wedding day, but I had her get it earlier this summer before it got phased out for the new PO.



          The real wedding gift will be a person with whom you can share your life, love, and trust. It may not be the best idea to start off a new marriage with a high cost luxury item.



            Bruschetta, I understand what you are saying. But I never said anything about a high cost luxury item.



              My wife gave me a $100 watch from Macy's. I appreciate that we didn't go broke. :-)



                Alan, great to see you back here!

                davidw25, Panerai and Omega watches are high cost luxury items. I recommend spending the money on something that brings you together as a couple. Better yet, keep it in savings!



                  I was stating what I saw and tried on, not that I expected a 4,000 - 10,000 dollar watch...Just trying to spark discussion.



                    Wife gave me a Tag Aquaracer and I wear it 90% of the time and love it. I've got a weekender I'll throw on now and then. I really like the Tissot PRC 200 series as well as some other Tissot's.

                    My cocktail videos >



                      Hola bruschetta! Yeah, I actually appreciate that my wife didn't go crazy on a gift for me. Since you're combining finances when you get married, you have to ask, "Would I spend this much on myself?"

                      Instead, we had a bigger honeymoon. :-)



                        Whoa. I missed the boat on this. The return of Alan? Welcome back, sir. I assumed you bought one too many pairs of shoes and your wife fed you to the feral pigs roaming Texas.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          LOL It was a self-imposed hiatus to remove temptation. I've still got to be careful. :-)



                            We were boring and bought each other a wedding ring. Still, the best gift I've ever gotten.