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Let's say you have $1,000 to spend on a suit....

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    Let's say you have $1,000 to spend on a suit....

    For arguments sake.... Magic number is $1,000 for a very nice, simple, navy or charcoal suit. Fancy if you fancy that, but at or under $1,000 it must stay...

    At this price you're a bit above the Indochino's and J Crew's and Black Lapels and even the Suit Supply's...

    So where do YOU go for this suit? Since your spending this much it's probably smart to actually try the suit on before purchasing, right? If not, what suit would you by online? Have a favorite that you hope to afford soon? Or a particular place you would go to find this suit? Or are you off to have a suit custom made? And if so, who's making your suit?

    Let's hear everyone's opinion on this one... Thank you!


    At that price in my area you could get a nice MTM locally, which is what I would do. (Este's and Collier are supposed to be very good options if you want local names )



      Suit Supply does have $999 suits. Their $600 fared much better than many $3000 suits in blind comparisons. I'd look there, as well as the local route. I've heard that, near me, Sid Mashburn has an incredible suit for about a grand.



        Good stuff guys. Finding a good suit tailor in Los Angeles seems to be tough. Every time I've seen someone in a MTM suit, I was not at all impressed (even to an untrained eye like mine and despite their proud smile knowing they're in a custom suit... They just looked like they didn't fit, cheap fabrics, etc)... I didn't even bother asking where they had it made and why they paid as much as they did.

        Just realized my post sounds like I WANT to spend a grand. I don't... But the more I look at less expensive suits the more I dislike them... So I'm thinking it's time I saved up and stepped up to something better.

        Keep the ideas coming...



          You can buy $1500 Hickey Freeman suits for $350 on LastCall. That seems to be the best of all worlds, if their cuts fit you.



            If it were my $1000, I wouldn't get MTM. Any sub-$1000 MTM will probably be half-canvassed at best. I'd keep my eye on Last Call or Saks off 5th for Canali, Hickey Freeman, Zegna, Polo Ralph Lauren, RLBL, etc.



              You could get a MTM from Richard Lim at High Society in LA. He also does full bespoke with two basted fittings for more. You choose your own fabrics (VBCs/lots of quality choices) so "cheap fabrics," won't be a problem. If I was spending a grand on a suit, I would make sure it was made for me. A GOOD bespoke and even MTM suit will seem to float around you and is so much more comfortable, something that is extremely hard to find going OTR.



                I would buy 2 eHaberdasher Benjamin suits for $500 each. Fully canvassed and slim.



                  MTM Kent Wang with their highest quality fabric.



                    Good stuff guys. Keep the ideas coming



                      Easily Suit Supply for me.

                      My cocktail videos >



                        When it comes to suiting, the fit is such a crucial element to the overall look that I have a hard time buying something MTM online. I've never tried it, but it seems like there are just too many ways to fail.

                        There are plenty of local places in any given major metro area that can sell an MTM suit. And if they screw it up, you have immediate recourse if something goes wrong. Plus, you can hold the fabric samples in your hands rather than looking at pics online.

                        Of course, MTM carries an additional cost over something off-the-rack so if you can find a $1k suit off the rack that fits, it's likely to be much higher quality. Last Call stores carry top names (as in, Italian suits normally costing thousands of dollars) that can come close to that $1k price point and plenty of better-than-average names that come in well under that price point. And you can try it on BEFORE you hand over your hard earned money.

                        So... basically what The Dork said.



                          I'm in the 34" range so I don't have the luxury of options. I tried Jimmy Au's in Beverly Hills but you're paying a premium because he has a niche & he's in Beverly Hills. The shoulders on his suit jackets had too much padding for my drooping shoulders and so the jacket still looked big and I was at his smallest size possible.

                          My goto now is Kent Wang MTM.

                          If Suit Supply made 34S jackets, I'd probably try them out.



                            My pick would be a bespoke suit from Mr.Ned here in NYC. His suits start at $850, and he gets a lot of love over at Style Forum.



                              @Chris -- I've actually been eying a MTM in NYC, including splurging on one from Mr. Ned. Have you heard anything re MySuit ( ) or CustomMen ( )? I have friends that liked both, but I think they'd be a little below a Mr.Ned suit/experience.