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Doc Martens Wonder Shoe Balsam / Shoe Polish Help

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    Doc Martens Wonder Shoe Balsam / Shoe Polish Help

    I had an old pair of hiking boots, and wanted to breathe some new life into them. Over the past few weeks, I've employed a few traditional and some home remedies, with various results:

    Jos A Bank Brown show creme - my least favorite, it made my boots go from a dark-reddish brown to a dull dark olive. Awful.

    Banana Peel - Sounded weird, but added a light sheen to my boots. Not as effective as I would have liked

    EV Olive Oil - Another home remedy. Didn't add any shine, but darkened the leather a little. Offset the discoloring caused by the JAB creme. I'd recommend for anyone wanting to add a shade or two of darkness to casual leather

    I have not tried Doc Marten's Wonder Show Balsam, but after reading this thread and other reviews, this sounds like Ambrosia in a can. I know this protects leather, but does this add shine to it?


    My recollection is that it is basically a mink oil. I have some docs which I think were in the "greasy" finish leather that was kind of a satin. It definitely made them more supple, and perhaps a little wet looking, but didn't really shine.



      Here's a pic of the boots, Air Blythe by Cole Haan for anyone curious:

      Is it even possible to get the waxy shiny texture with this leather?



        Those are nice looking boots. I don't know if the Wonder Balsam will get you what you want, but it won't hurt anything



          Nice boots! In general, you can use a few things to take care of them: 1)polishes/waxes 2)conditioners 3)protectants.

          I remember using the Doc Martins Wonder Shoe Basalm back a few years ago when I got a pair of Doc Martins - it didn't distinguish itself IMO from any other polishes/waxes that I've used in the past. It adds a slight shine which gets better when you cake it on and buff it like polish, but you're not going to get an extravagant shine out of it. It'll work mainly to condition your boots slightly and give them slight waterproofing that will only last if you keep using it week-in-week-out - very typical of waxes/polishes and the sort. Does that make sense?

          Whenever you get a pair of leather boots/shoes, you should always use an oil (like mink oil or olive oil) to condition them and make the leather supple and pliable. The main benefit from conditioners is that it extends the life of the leather by lubricating the fibers, so to speak.

          Then, there are protectants - which mainly waterproof. Except, just like polishes, you'll have to apply them week-in-week-out to get much out of them. There are tons out there - too many to name.

          Generally, brand names mean very little when it comes to waxes/polishes/oils/protectants, because they all use the same basic technology that's been around for a hundred years. I don't even bother with anything except conditioners anymore when it comes to traditional shoe care. Good advice - if you want to protect your leather boots for years to come, apply a conditioner to the boots then get some SKUFF, and coat them in a protective coating. It'll prevent scuff marks and stains, repel water and dirt, and keep your boots new for at least a couple years off one application. Or you can play around with all the old stuff forever, your choice.