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J.Crew Bayswater vs. Schott Slim Fit Peacoat

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    @Margotron, yes I'd definitely go with a Medium Tall. Try it out and worst case you can always return it.



      i do need a coat. any other reqs? I can do the banana bridge for about 125 (40% + 15% for student)



        @Margotron: I just received the Schott Slim Fitt, the J.Crew Bayswater, and the Target Peacoat today, so I would be doing a mega three-way review this weekend if that helps at all.

        The Target Peacoat fits me shockingly well. I may need to go get a small instead of a medium in the Bayswater.



          chicubs - YES. If you could do that before sunday is over, along with your measurements, i would be hugely indebted. j crew has its 25% off sale ending on sunday



            I stopped by my local J.Crew after work today to try on the Bayswater in a small. According to the sales representative, last years model was designed to be an exact replica of genuine US Navy issue pea coats, while this years model had a focus on style and fit. I don't know how accurate that statement is, as I didn't compare the Medium I had to another size Medium, I opted to size down to the Small. It's a near perfect fit on my frame. Certainly snug, but by no means tight. I had discussed the matter previously with a representative as I ordered the jacket online last year, and they were generous enough to orchestrate an even exchange, and even upgraded me to the Thinsulate model at no extra charge (much to my surprise) as the store did not have the standard version in stock. Additionally, I opted to switch from the black coat I had, and go with the navy. Another decision that I'm very happy with. Pretty phenomenal customer service with them, but all things considered, they're probably well aware of the amount of money I spend. Thumbs up for sizing down on the Bayswater, and going with the Navy color.




              What exactly did you tell to the jcrew rep? I tried on a size XS in store yesterday and definitely prefer the slimmer fit as compared to the size S I bought last year. If I could work an exchange like you did, that would be great!

              BTW, I didn't pay much attention to see if there are any differences but the labels are definitely different.



                PEACOAT BATTLE


                J.Crew Bayswater in Charcoal (Medium) ($208 after discount)

                Schott Slim Fitting Peacoat DU704i (Medium) ($270)

                Target Merona Peacoat (Medium) ($65)


                6’0”, 175 lbs, average-athletic build.


                J.Crew Bayswater: Truth be told, I probably need a size in between a medium & small, but the fit of the Bayswater is still pretty solid. Fits nicely on the shoulders and the sleeves aren’t too big. Armpits are also pretty high compared to the Schott & Target peacoats. It is cropped at a good height too (see pictures) and is not as short as I expected. If I do go try on a small, it will obviously be shorter. There is a definite hourglass effect with the Bayswater that people go for. Although the hourglass shape was present, I would have liked for it to fit closer on the sides which is why the small might be better for me.

                Schott Slim Fit:Might be the best fitting of the three. Schott’s effort is tight, but not too tight, on the arms and shoulders, and slim throughout the body. That being said, the armpits are a little lower than desired and there really isn’t an hourglass shape. It does stay pretty close to the body. Unlike the Bayswater, I am sure that the Medium is the right size for this one. The Schott is the longest coat of the three by a good distance, running down lower on the leg than the others. Not sure if I like the look or not to be honest. It definitely is a more formal look and much better if you will wear a suit or blazer jacket underneath. You are pushing it if you intend on wearing a jacket underneath the Bayswater or Merona.

                Target Merona: This one doesn’t sport the designer cut of the J.Crew or Schott, as it is definitely much boxier and makes me seem much bigger than I actually am. That being sad, the arms aren’t too bad and the back of the collar runs high and tight up my neck which I like because I have a very long neck (think Brontosaurus). The Merona runs a little higher than the Bayswater which can be a good or bad thing. I am not that picky when it comes to length of a peacoat because I have never really worn one before.


                J.Crew Bayswater: The women in my life seemed to like this one the best from a pure style perspective with its hourglass shape and slick, no-nonsense styling…It truly is a classic…However, one has to wonder why J.Crew bothered making the charcoal and navy versions of the Bayswater because they are so close to black. In a bar or any other social setting, you probably couldn’t even tell the difference. I would have loved it if J.Crew stole the Oxford Grey from Schott. The front flaps of the coat/collar doesn’t stay flat which I am sure is by design since the coat is meant to buttoned up all the way, but it looks kind of awkward pointing straight out when you unbutton the top buttons…Oh, one more thing – the tan lining is a touch that makes the coat seem 3x as expensive as it is.

                Schott Slim Fit: This one is almost the polar opposite of the J.Crew model with the high hand-warmer pockets, bottom flaps, and four rows of pockets. It is not nearly as clean as the Bayswater but definitely a more interesting coat. I wish I could give better commentary, but it really is a look that you have to decide for yourself whether you like or not. I don’t mind the eight buttons, but I just wonder whether it would look better with three buttons and pockets like the Bayswater. On the plus side, the Oxford Grey color is pretty slick and was exactly what I was looking for.

                Target Merona: It is a pretty good looking coat especially for the price despite the boxy fit. If you are looking for a good-looking beater-coat, this is it. Its grey color is in between the very dark charcoal of the J.Crew and the lighter grey of the Schott. The coat has a very flat front even when buttoned up the entire way which I personally like since I intend to wear a peacoat in the fall and early winter when it’s not super-cold and not all the buttons require buttoning. It does seem to crease/stretch in areas which it shouldn’t which I guess could fit in the Style, Quality, or Fit sections of this review. The plaid lining on the inside is a little preppy, but I am young enough to dig it.


                J.Crew Bayswater: Oozes quality the moment you throw it on your shoulders. The 100% wool is soft, not itchy and the Thinsulate lining immediately wraps you in warmth. This is a coat that will get you through a standard Midwestern winter which actually haven’t been that bad lately – says the Hoosier. Not too much more than that can be said. It is such a well put together coat. You are not taking any risks with this one.

                Schott Slim Fit: Like the J.Crew, this coat is definitely an investment piece. It’s going to last. I have not experienced any shedding or damaging of shirts/sweaters as reported on the reviews from Schott’s website. My white t-shirts even remained perfectly white. I guess they have adjusted their manufacturing processes. It doesn’t insulate one as well as the J.Crew, but it would probably get me through a winter, especially with layering. You will definitely notice how much better insulated the J.Crew is, though….It has metal buttons which is nice…but it’s such a minor detail that sounds like a nice detailing in theory, but no one really notices. I didn’t find the hand pockets to be annoyingly high like Joe did, but, like Joe, I thought the functionality of the pockets was stupid and a definite design mistake on Schott’s part. I feel like I’ll end up hurting my wrist if I keep my pockets in there for too long because my hands are forced downwards. A fellow Dappered member did come up with a tip in the comment’s section of Joe’s review, so, if I get this coat, I will have a tailor make the necessary adjustments. It really is just such head-scratching design decision.

                Target Merona: The only reason I picked up this coat to review is that I thought it very well may spring an upset and be my new peacoat. It looks really, really good for a $65 coat. Only when I pressed people to look at the fit of the coat, did they notice that it was the cheapest of the three. Of course, this one has the least amount of wool, so it isn’t the warmest. It was a little itchier and rougher than the J.Crew and Schott.


                J.Crew Bayswater: There really is nothing to note that hasn’t already been said. I may need a small which is kind of ridiculous considering my size.

                Schott Slim Fit: It is made in Canada and that makes a difference to me (and, in my opinion, it should for you as well, but that’s a whole argument we don’t need to get into). Not sure why they didn’t make the slim fit version in the U.S. like their classic peacoat, but it’s still on higher ethical ground than the J.Crew (China) or Target (Vietnam) coats.

                Target: I love all of Target’s new stuff, yet I only wear the cords. There is just a little bit of magic missing in their stuff…but, if you are a strict budget, this has my highest recommendation.


                I still don’t know what I am going to do. I can eliminate the Target despite its tremendous value because I am lucky enough to be in the financial position where I can afford to buy a higher-end coat.

                I thought I would go with the Schott Slim Fit Peacoat and I may very well do so in the end despite the coat’s well-documented flaws. It just seems to have more personality than the Bayswater.

                …Of course, I say that and then two seconds later, I reflect upon the overall superior quality of the Bayswater…Between the 100% wool, thinsulate, hourglass shape AND lower-price, this should be a no-brainer.

                Alas, I am apparently as indecisive as it comes in regards to peacoats.

                WHAT WOMEN THINK

                I figured I would poll the women in my life and see what they think….

                Friend A: 1) J.Crew 2) Target 3) Schott

                Friend B: 1) Schott 2) J.Crew 3) Target

                Mom: 1) Schott 2) J.Crew 3) Target

                Sister: 1) J.Crew 2) Schott 3) Target

                Ex: Who cares

                MORE PHOTOS<

                J.Crew Bayswater: Click Here

                Schott Slim Fit: Click Here

                Target Merona: Click Here

                If you have any questions, please let me know because I will be holding onto these until I make a decision.




                  Thanks so much for posting your review and photos.

                  I too have been looking at the jcrew and Schoot coats.

                  I agree with you on color ...I personally prefer the grey as I bored to tears with the navy/black look during the winter time.

                  I like the color more on the schott (and the length) but practically speaking, you seem more pleased with the jcrew. I thought that in photos 1C and 1D, the bottom looks like it poofs out abit but nothing too major.Maybe it was the way the coat was done up?

                  Im also eying this one at amazon, as I like the length, but the not the color...


                  In terms of BR winter coats- I do not find them warm enough if you live in the North east.Fits are great and the look nice, but you will freeze.



                    Given that photo shoot, I'd say the Bayswater is the hands down winner. The Schott looks like something out of "March of the Wooden Soldiers" with that button configuration, and not feeling the flaps on the pockets one bit.. it just looks way too busy overall in my opinion. Target gets an A for effort.



                      I'd actually say the target coat looks best from those three pics. As as a slim guy, I like jackets that add a little bulk. I tried it on today and I thought the fit was really nice, except the sleeves were long... My damn t-rex arms are too short.



                        Thanks for the reviews. I've been eyeing Schott's peacoats for a while now. Going to finally pull the trigger when I travel up to Chicago at the end of the month. A few questions:

                        1. Why all the obsession over the DU704I model? I find this one much more appealing. 32oz vs 24 oz wool, slimmer fit, and larger range of size options.

                        2. In chicubs' photo album, he often has the middle button done up, like in a jacket. My understanding was that on a coat all the buttons can be done. Correct me if I'm wrong. It looks weird to me that a thick wool coat would be supported by one button.

                        3. Also in chicubs' photo album, on the schott coat, when the top button is done one of the lapels protrudes forward. Is this supposed to happen? Is it supposed to indicate that the top button shouldn't be buttoned, or only buttoned when the lapels are popped? My cheapo GAP peacoat does this and it bothers me to no end.



                          @Jake89: I am more pleased with the J.Crew, but it just seems to lack a certain something. Quality coat though. There is some pouf, but I didn't always have all the buttons buttoned.

                          @Frost: So, you're saying you don't like the Schott? Haha!....But it does have a certain fussiness, I'll give you that.

                          @AedanM: I disagree and I'm not sure how my picks show the Target to be the slimmest fitting but to each their own. It was pretty nice. Cropped very short though.

                          PHD Plox: 1) From what I have heard about model of coat you linked is that the leather trim is cheesy and those weird lines on the sleeves look ok. Could be pretty nice...Appeal of the DU704i model is that it is slim fitting and does not look like anything else, for better or worse.

                          2) All the buttons can be done up on all of the coats. I just choose to take photos with some buttons undone.

                          3. The top button isn't done up in any of my Schott photos...The lapel doesn't portrude forward when the top button is buttoned up...If you meant when the top button was unbuttoned, then yes the Schott and J.Crew lapels portrude forward a bit although you can flatten it out.



                            chicubs - thanks for the great writeup. i was actually in target just browsing around yesterday and saw the peacoat. i'm in the market for one, so i tried it on and it seemed to fit great. did you find it to be too heavy though? as you mentioned, at $65 it's a great deal; target did a good job with the fit on this one.



                              @Bobby V: Didn't find it too heavy. It is a winter coat, after all...but maybe if you only plan on using it during the fall... I don't think it would keep you quite as warm as the other two coats I tried on.



                                @chichubs I think you misunderstood me. I like that the target one is not as slim as the others. The more bulky shape looks more masculine to me than the longer, hourglass shape of the other two. All are very nice jackets though.