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J.Crew Bayswater vs. Schott Slim Fit Peacoat

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    @frost haha to each his own!

    @chicubs Im actually in the same position as you are. I feel the schott needs to fit the persons frame exactly like the picture i posted above or else it will just look to oversized with the 8 button configuration like this: or the picture frost posted above. If the jacket does fit great though, only doing up a few buttons can emphasize the large lappels and collar better: (Not actually the schott, probably a custom but depicts what I'm explaining)

    Just my 2 cents



      I have the Bayswater on the way in a Large and Medium Tall, I'll try to report back on which ends up fitting my frame best (6'3 190 lbs).



        I actually ended up ordering the Bayswater in medium in Charcoal. It seemed to fit pretty well in store (forgot to take a picture)...I may end up exchanging it for the Navy....

        Or I may just order the Schott Slim Fit as well and just return the one I don't like. I'm hoping a coupon code is floating at there sometime soon. I have a weird feeling that it may just work perfectly for my body type and I am still in love with that Oxford Grey color for some reason.



          Does anyone know any good peacoats for us shorter guys? I am 5'5" and wear a 36-37 short. I have one from express in small, and it fits pretty spot on in the shoulders. But the body is a bit big.

          What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



            @Eyerman: Have you tried J.Crew stuff in XS? The Bayswater is cropped pretty short.



              Weird, I have the Baywater in a small. I'm 5'8" about 155 and it fits great.



                Just a heads up, but I also ordered the Schott Slim Fit, so I will be doing a full head-to-head review in the next week or so.



                  I got in my order yesterday, now for the verdict. I'm very glad that I read a post by another member a good while back who was only slightly smaller than myself and got a good fit from the Bayswater in a Tall Medium. I fit pretty well into the Large cut/size for most of J-Crew shirting so I assumed that would translate to the outerwear but it doesn't seem to be the case. See previous post for my dimensions.

                  I definitely felt like I was swimming a bit in the Large size. I understand the need to be able to layer under a jacket but unless I wanted to wear a down parka under this coat, it's probably excessive.

                  The Tall Medium on the other hand was almost perfectly cut (could come in maybe an inch waist suppression wise if I was looking for absolute perfection). With the tall sizing the medium still goes down to mid-thigh and isn't chopped at all, which I had some concern over as well. This one is definitely a keeper.

                  Beyond the fit concerns, the jacket feels pretty solid. The wool isn't scratchy but it does have a legitimate wool texture (versus some of the almost overly smooth wool blends out there). I got the thinsulate version and it definitely feels like the coat has enough heft/insulation to deal with anything a Mid-Atlantic winter can throw at you, though it’s not overly thick/bulky.

                  On a related note, I also ordered the University Coat in a Slim Large just for a comparison/alternative. This also ended up being a good bit too large for me and I'd probably end up sizing down to a Tall Medium or maybe even Tall Slim Medium. In summary, I'd definitely consider sizing down for J-Crew outerwear if you're at all trim/slim.



                    Ounce - you have great detail about height and fit but dont tell us your OWN height and fit! what are your measurements man? heh



                      He lists his height / weight above: 6'3" / 190.



                        Thanks frost. how dumb of me.



                          I may have the opportunity to size down the coat I purchased a while back. Going to the local J.Crew store tomorrow to check the fit on the small. Details to follow.



                            Frost you will love the small. Very good cut around the waist. I mentioned earlier that I'm 6ft 175lb and the only issue is that it's a tiny bit short. At 5'9" it will be a perfect fit for you.



                              6'4'' 180

                              medium tall?

                              slash what is this 25% everyone is talking about at jcrew?

                              i kind of want the bridge coat from BR, but I think this would get way more play TBH



                                I have a black Thinsulate Bayswater that I bought new last year that I feel is a bit too big (I typically wear size 36 jackets). I'd take other people's advice on this thread to think about sizing down. I'm probably going to try another brand and sell the one I have before the winter season starts. But FWIW, this particular one with the Thinsulate lining was warm enough for me.