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J.Crew Bayswater vs. Schott Slim Fit Peacoat

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    J.Crew Bayswater vs. Schott Slim Fit Peacoat

    Hey guys, I posted over in the "Peacoat Decisions" thread but I don't want to spam someone else's thread, so don't hate me too much for making a separate thread...

    In any case, I need to decide before Sunday ends (25% discount at J.Crew)...I have narrowed it down to two choices:

    - J.Crew Bayswater Peacoat in Charcoal ($208 after discount):link

    - Schott Slim Fit Peacoat in Oxford Grey ($270): link

    I am pretty sure a few of you here have experiences with both (or one) of the coats so any help regarding quality/fit/value/everything would be appreciated. And yes, I have read Joe's "In-Person" of the Schott but that is just one person/body type.


    I am 6ft 175lb and have extensive experience with the bayswater. I tried the medium but it wasn't that tailored sleek look like you see on the jcrew model picture. It was pretty loose. The small fits amazing in the body and hips. But the sleeves are a tiny bit too short, so I'm always sure to wear gloves with it. But it's not that bad without the gloves, just a little uncomfortable because I feel the need to constantly cup my hands and pull the sleeves down all the time. Just a mental thing.

    The bayswater is a really cool jacket when it fits right. The collar is really firm and stands up well. It even has that little detachable connector piece on the collar, which I think is used to connect both sides of the collar across your neck on really windy days. I don't think it's ever used but must be a classic peacoat detail. Looks cool tho.

    I don't think the bayswater comes in slim fit. So if you're ordering online, just order your normal size and one size down and return the one that you don't like.

    The schott sounds awesome though. Always wanted to try it in person but don't think they sell them.



      I second the sizing on the JCrew Baywater. I'm 5'9/160lbs, and the small was way too big for me. Couldn't find an extra small to try on, so I went with another brand.

      But really Jcrew? Why does someone my size need an "extra small" ? Talk about vanity sizing.



        I have the bayswater peacoat in size medium. I am 5'11 172. It fits pretty good, could possibly use a pinch more room in the shoulders/chest for my frame. Measurements Chest-40.5, shoulders 47.5.



          @dapperedcpa: Thank you. Very useful since we have the same height and weight.

          @zerostyle: I feel you. Had the same thing with the JCP sweaters.6'0 & 175 and I am ordering a small. Kind of a joke.

          @savoyspecial: Thanks for the detailed measurements. Very much appreciated.

          Anyone have experience with the Schott peacoat?



            I'm 5'9" / athletic build / 160 - 165 depending on the day of the week. I have the Medium in the Bayswater. When I purchased it last year, I didn't really know if the fit could get better than what I purchased, I just knew that the Bayswater was highly rated, and the fit could certainly be worse. I ordered online, and never bothered trying on a small. A year later I'm thinking it could be a lot more tapered, especially now that I have a better understanding of how well things can fit when they're cut correctly. The shoulders fit perfectly, but the bulk in the body of the jacket leaves plenty to be desired. If you notice, even the model on J.Crew's site is posed in such a way, where it doesn't really give you a true representation of the fit (kind of like how they pull the shirts tight on mannequins in department stores to give a false sense of how a particular article of clothing fits). My advice is to try it on in-store. Personally, I've found pictures of the "slim fit" Schott pea coat to be a bit ill-formed, silly, and certainly not worth the asking price. Incidentally, I also purchased the University Coat in slim fit from J.Crew as well so as to have another casual alternative. I think I picked it up the Thinsulate slim fit for about $100 on sale. My review is similar to the Bayswater: a resounding "meh." It's not bad, but if you look hard enough for a better fitting alternative, or can figure out a way to get it tailored, I think you'll be much happier.



              I tried both in last winter. I definitely recommend the Jcrew one. It's much more warmer (always buy thinsulate version) and nice fitted. You can't get enough warmth with the Schott one in the 10F~20F weather. I'm 5'9'' and schott slim peacoat ( M size) was too long for me.

              Again, Buy Jcrew peacoat and get happy!



                @Frost: Love the detail about fit regarding your post. Really helped me out. I actually did go and try it out in store and liked the way it fit on me. Colorwise, they only had a navy in-store so I didn't get to see charcoal in person...Why do you think the Schott Slim Fit looks silly out of curiosity?

                @Goo: Thanks for the advice! Very much appreciated. Since I cannot try the Schott on in-person, I had no clue whether it would be warm enough. It gets plenty cold where I am from so I do need a warm coat.



                  @chicubs: I actually went for the black. It's the New Yorker in me. Regarding the silliness of the Schott slim fit pea coat, I think this guy looks like a complete doofus:


                  Perhaps it's his choice in footwear that throws me off.. That and the 8 button configuration, I think it just looks strange.



                    I would definitely say go for the navy. It's the classic peacoat color. It's a nice smooth clean color. Black works too.

                    I like it more than the charcoal. The charcoal has a lightly marled design to the cloth. Not as clean as the navy.



                      @frost I think the guy looks like a doofus because he is a doofus. Looks like a kid playing dress up more than an actual put together person and does not give the coat any justice. Here is a picture I found that first got me looking at the schott slim fit pea coat:

                      I still am not sure if it is the right pea coat for your decision chicubs but I had to at least give you a better representation than whatever that was the frost posted.



                        double post =p



                          @frost: hahaha. Yes that dude totally is a doofus. Cold enough to wear a peacoat yet wearing no socks. Seriously?

                          @dapperedcpa: Hmm. I've never been a navy coat guy (replacing my old charcoal coat) but maybe ill give a try.

                          @Mitchell: Wow. It looks SO much better in that picture. Did you end up going for Schott yourself?



                            I got the Bayswater last year, in large part because of the review that Joe gave the Schott. But then again, I'm 6'2", 195 lbs (42L with a pronounced V-build) so the Schott would never have worked with my shoulders. The Bayswater has been great, really warm, and it works with my physique, and the Tall sizing was great for my long arms.



                              I still don't like the 8 button configuration on the Schott.. Doofus or not. lol..