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Ludlow Jacket Stain or Iron Burn

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    Ludlow Jacket Stain or Iron Burn

    I just received a J. Crew Ludlow jacket from ebay and everything looks great except for a blemish/discoloration on the backside of the left upper arm. I'm going to take it to the dry cleaner on Monday to see if it's salvageable, however, I wanted to get others opinion before then. I still have 7 days left on returning it.

    It's a little hard to see in the pictures but it is the faint white marking left of the arm seam. Could it be an iron burn?

    Pic 01

    Pic 02



    I don't know what an iron burn would look like. To me, it just looks like a stain. Before you take it to the cleaner, you might try blotting the spot with a solution of distilled vinegar and cold water. If it's just a stain and not damage or discoloration, the vinegar should mostly take it off. Then you can take it to the cleaner and get it cleaned professionally.

    If the vinegar does nothing, then it's more likely that the mark is not a stain but some other kind of more serious problem.




      Distilled vinegar and cold water worked like a charm! Thanks!