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Please Help me find Dress Shoes for BIG Feet

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    Please Help me find Dress Shoes for BIG Feet

    Please help me find a quality < $200 dress shoe that will last a few years if taken care of with shoe trees and regular polishing?

    My foot is a 13.5 Wide (E-EEEE depending upon shoe style). My toes are the widest part of my foot is shaped kinda like an ice-cream cone).

    I ordered size 13 AE Fifth Avenues as a splurge. Sadly, they fit my right foot and are too narrow (due to length) for my left foot.

    I definitely don't have to have AEs as they are quite expensive (to me) and it rains a lot where I live. Plus, the nearest AE store is 70 miles away and I'm not driving that far for a shoe fitting.

    Anyone other bigfoots out there with experience in this area?


    Ecco might be of help.



      FWIW, you can actually buy AE's in different sizes for each foot if you buy directly through them (online or in store). It's one of the things they brag about.



        Thanks for the tips.

        I was unaware of one's ability to buy different sizes for each foot if purchased direct. This might be the perfect solution.

        I would still love to hear what other large/wide dress shoes are out there which represent a great value.

        I think Stacy Adams are disposable and often hideous, AE's are investment pieces, and would love to learn more about what's in between.