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Geoffery Beene shawl collar sweater

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    Geoffery Beene shawl collar sweater

    I'm grabbing a pair of suit pants (I have the jacket already) off Macy's online sale, and I'm looking for something to bump me over the $99 shipping mark. There's nothing I particularly need (who am I kidding, we don't need, we WANT) so I figure I'll try something new and if I hate it I can just return it to the Macy's nearby. I've never worn a shawl collar sweater, always been v-necks, crews, or this one occasional 1/4 button mock collar. What do you guys think of this one in the "seaweed" color? FWIW I'm 6'1" 210 lbs, so if you know anything about the fit of this, it'd be great. I know it won't be the greatest of quality for $24, but is it even worth trying, or should I just grab one of the better-reviewed basic dress shirts.

    Edit: Forgot the link...


    Not a big fan of that color, the red and blue is nice though.

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      im personally not a huge fan of the sweater, i dont like huge stripes.

      what about one of these

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        @Sigtweed - Yeah that one is nice, kind of a rugby feel. When I looked earlier I thought the navy color was black and I immediately thought "Freddy Krueger" (though I don't believe he opted for the shawl). Based on the one picture with the model wearing the white/gray one, it doesn't look like theirs a lot of room for a collared shirt underneath. Any idea how one might layer this? Just a neutral color t-shirt, or maybe a henley? Or is that too much going on right at the neck?

        @ooze3 - I'm not a huge zip-up fan, and the button-up + zip combo just seems like hassle to me. I'd dig the houndstooth one if it was maybe quarter button up or something like that.