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    AE Cronmok

    Everyone likes the AE Dalton, but what of the Cronmok? It looks to be a great casual boot for winter, especially given the thin rubber layer. It comes in 3 colors, navy, tan and brown. Not as tall as the Dalton, more cut near the ankle. It is also about $100 cheaper than the Dalton as well.

    Anyone own a pair? Perhaps a review?


    Yes. Can we talk about the Cronmok? I am in the boot market, big time



      I wouldn't exactly call this model comparable to the Dalton. If you like it, go for it. I'm holding out for the Dalton.



        Frost, when/what is this AE Boot sale you are talking about?



          Last year it was the end of November. Excellent prices, but I'm not sure if it was a one-off, or a recurring event.

          I may or may not wait as I have a standing discount arranged with customer service due to some severe defects in a pair of seconds I purchased.



            Frost, what knocks do you have on the Cronmok? The Dalton is a great boot as many on the forum can probably attest to but the Cronmok looks to also be a winner, especially for $220 at the moment. What do you have against it?



              If it weren't for a pair of Daltons coming in any day now, I'd surely give these a try. Hopefully the Cronmoks are included in a boot sale or a 2 for 200 2nds sale, these would be a great casual boot to add to the rotation.



                I had a pair of these that I'm returning to Amazon only because they're too big. But they're gorgeous in a casual boot. They really dress up a pair of jeans. However, they're matte and the leather is soft and bendable. They're nowhere near as dressy as the Dalton. I'm not sure you could pull these off with a suit unless you were very skilled and confident with the ensemble.

                However, I liked them so much that I'm reordering them in the correct size, even though it's more expensive than I got them from Amazon.



                  @pensotroppo, what size do you wear and what did you order? what size AE shoe do you normally wear? Also, which color did you get?

                  I spoke with the customer service rep and they recommended I buy the size that I normally do and not to size down.

                  Me personally, I am stuck on brown or tan. Which color would you guys get? This would be my first boot really so I want something versatile in terms of color.



                    @pensotroppo - You've seen them in person and they go well with jeans? I like the look of the boot, but I'm definitely not looking for a dress boot. I want something to wear with jeans primarily.



                      if you like the Neumok, you're going to like/love this shoe, it's essentially the hi top version.

                      @savoy: I've tried all the different color Neumoks with raw denim and they all look good. Even the wife said "DAMN", didn't buy one though, I was there to order shell Daltons.



                        I'm really liking the Cronmok in brown, especially the pictures on amazon. I really hope there's a good seconds sale in a month or two since I don't think I can swing $220 for "yet another" pair of boots with the wife and amazon is out of stock on my potential sizes so no extra coupon love.




                          Me personally, I am stuck on brown or tan. Which color would you guys get? This would be my first boot really so I want something versatile in terms of color.</blockquote>

                          Brown gets the nod for more versatility.



                            I've said this a few times on here already, but a wingtip boot (or really just about any boot) with closed lacing just looks weird to me. The open lacing of the Dalton is probably the biggest reason it's still a clear winner in my book.

                            That being said, I own a pair of Neumoks (the Cronmoks' shorter sibbling), and I do like the shoes a great deal. So I imagine if you like the looks of the Cronmoks, they will be good shoes for you to pick up.



                              I'm with Deke. I'd rather have the more formal Fifth Street boot instead, but since the OP is probably looking for enough people to tell him to pull the trigger, this guy on SF sure likes them