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finishing my outfit for saturday

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    finishing my outfit for saturday

    So I'm going to a wedding on Saturday, Here's what I'm planning on wearing.

    That's a Thompson suit in charcoal. I'm planning on wearing some black wingtips(still need to get them, I know I procrastinate like crazy).

    I'm wondering about a pocket square? should I wear one? and what color would you suggest?

    And perhaps a suggestion about socks? I was figuring black, but was gonna look and see if anything catches my eye, so I'm open to ideas about that too.

    Oh and the tie is about 3/4" wider than the lapels, should I try to get a narrower tie, or will that be good enough?

    And sorry the pic is so big.


    For starters, tie width should match lapel width. I would go with a thinner tie. Joe did an excellent spread for his write-up on the Thompson Suit. Might want to consider that for inspiration.



      Shoes: I'm assuming the wedding's not black tie, so I'd consider wearing dark brown balmorals, especially if you already own a pair.

      PS: white is foolproof and what I'd probably pick myself in this situation. Something that picks up on the lavender in the shirt and tie is also possible.

      Socks I'd definitely go for something in the lavender family.

      Yeah, technically you want your tie width to roughly match your lapel width, but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't on this one night, particularly if you've got only a day to shop.



        Black shoes would be traditional and fine with charcoal. Dark brown would add interest, in a good way.

        For a pocket square, you could skip it altogether. Could do a flat fold with a white one. Or go for a point fold with a silk yellow pocket square for the splash.