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Getting Suited up for My Wedding

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    Getting Suited up for My Wedding

    I am in a bit of a dillema, I am attempting to find a solid summer suit for my upcoming nuptials on June 30th. I am sure plenty of other guys would love to have some perspective on this as well. My problem is that I think that a grey linen suit would be the perfect look for what my fiance and I are going for, but the problem I am having is actually finding one. Indochino, Jcrew, Express all are letting me down. My ideal price range is $200-$400.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The fact that summer is over might have something to do with why you can't find very many linen suits at the moment.

    Your wedding is next summer. They're rolling out the fall/winter clothes at all the stores right now. Try shopping for your linen suit in about 6 months from now.