I really like the look of a corduroy blazer/sport jacket. I currently own the J. Crew Factory 8-Wale Cord Blazer, which I grabbed during the 30% off sale a few weeks back. With the 8-wale corduroy, this is obviously a super-casual jacket, probably only with jeans right?

So I've got a chance to grab a J Crew Ludlow 18-wale coat in either graphite or navy at a very deep discount, and I'm wondering how you would wear this. Seems like corduroy naturally leans casual, but would a wale as high as 18 be nearing velvet territory? Or would this just look sharper with slim dark denim compared to the "country" style of the 8-wale coat.

Basically my question is, which of these is more versatile, and is there any reason to own both (assuming I really like cord, which I do)?