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Searching for the world's best hoodie

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    Searching for the world's best hoodie

    I really want an awesome one for the upcoming cooler weather. Do you guys have any recommendations? I want one that I can wear all the time with jeans on the weekends. Thanks ahead of time.


    I'm not sure about "world's best" but there's a pretty good selection of hoodies here:



      I just went through a hoodie search myself and ultimately ended up with the J Crew Utility Hoodie:

      The fit is pretty decent though not super slim by any means. The material feels pretty solid and I imagine will keep me pretty warm in anything above freezing.

      I tried some offerings from BR as well but most of those seemed a bit too dainty in material/build to be considered for true hoodie duty. Mostly thin cottons or wools that didn't feel like they lived up to the rugged spirit of a good hoodie.



        Out of stock, but this by far the best hoodie I've ever bought. Best fit ever.

        EDIT: Scratch that.



          Reigning Champ. -

          Seriously, these guys make the best and most comfortable sweats ever.

          If you plan on wearing it a lot then the price tag shouldn't be an issue. But just be aware you're looking at $100+ Canadian

          I will definitely attest to their quality and comfort though.



            How's this for "world's best?" Cashmere and suede goatskin:

            For something more affordable, the Bonobos hoodie looks ok and obviously they always have some sort of coupon code:


            That Reigning Champ hoodie posted above looks really nice too! I wasn't familiar with that brand but I might have to check them out.



              lmao at the Hermes hoodie. Only $4,125. Soon to be $5 at Goodwill.

              Target had some interesting hoodie combos. I didn't look too closely being out of college and all, but they were more like button up shirts with a hood.



                Yea... Don't spend $500 on a hoodie...

                Uniqlo makes some pretty well-fitting hoodies in interesting colors for only $30. Material feels pretty good. The lining isn't as comfy as the J. Crew one, but I imagine the fit is a bit better.



                  Ended up with this guys.


                  I really liked those ones from Reigning Champ so I may give that a shot down the line. Bonobos looks nice but I am boycotting them after feeling their quality has gone to shit lately.



                    Evidently late to the party, but I personally think Target is the best way to go. The Mossimo hoodies are fitted and, more importantly, cheap. I have one that I wear around the house. It's a polyester/cotton blend and has held up well so far... maybe 1.5-2 years old. Good thickness for layering, as it's not bulky but not paper-thin either.




                      Lululemon (I know) apparently used to make exceptionally good hoodies that topped out around $100, but usually had some obnoxious logo.

                      For future reference, I say MEC (especially for Canadians), as they have consistently made high-quality garments. Cotton is almost exclusively organic, 3-piece hoods (the only hood you should actually wear!), much more trim cuts than typical clothing, etc.

                      I don't think I'll buy another hoodie for quite some time, having associated them with my youth. However I wish good luck to anyone in search of the holy grail of hoodies.



                        Macys Club Room.

                        Cheap, decently made and pretty well-fitted if you size down.