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Groom Attire

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    Groom Attire

    So I'm an American who is going to be married in Taiwan. As I am to the point of looking into getting a Tux (or suit?) I figured what better crowd to ask then Dappered.

    Is Tux clearly the way to go when being married?

    Location will be a outdoors on a mountain.

    Any brands or stores you had a good experience with?


    Since nobody has answered yet, maybe we can direct the conversation slightly...

    Tell us about the wedding. Are you just happening to get married in Taiwan? Do you have family there? Is your bride from Taiwan? Will this be a modern Taiwanese wedding? Etc.

    Wearing true formal wear is generally a requirement for certain functions (in North America), but those functions are also restricted to the evening (hence eveningwear). If such attire is traditional in your families, or in the ceremony that will be taking place, then by all means wear it. But do avoid the temptation to wear a tuxedo because, like many North Americans, we simply think it's the fanciest thing to wear for such an important occasion.