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    I recently recommended this in another thread, but I'll repeat myself here because it's appropriate: for a quality, reasonably-priced peacoat it's hard to do better than an army-navy surplus store. They are essentially indestructable, very warm and often cost around $100. You may have to pay an additional few bucks to have some weird buttons swapped out (unless brass eagles are your thing), but that's easy enough to do.



      I was able to swing a JCrew peacoat on MrPorter for about $75, and have to say it looks and fits really great. I love BR's blazers, but I've become pretty dissatisfied with a lot of their quality.

      I agree w/ the above though, that if you can find a good army surplus store, you may be able to swing a deal. Here in NYC, I found nothing but $175+ peacoats in the surplus stores.



        I purchased a peacoat at the lone army-navy surplus store where I live. My issues:

        1) The only color he had was black (these were reproductions)

        2) I had to take the coat to a seamstress after a week to have all of the buttons re-sewn

        3) The wool on it pilled really bad

        4) The single vent on the back curls up oddly

        5) I had to size way, way, way down. I typically get a 40S in blazers, and ended up with a 36 with this coat, which still leaves room for layers underneath.

        It's incredibly warm, but it won't be the one I use for the next 20 years. Also, find myself unsure of footwear, as I don't really wear black shoes, except for formal occasions.



          I found this link in an old post and thought you'd want to take a look. I have an All Saints pea coat I got on sale in the airport in Newcastle UK. I can't rave enough about the quality of my coat. The linked one is similar, score one on sale and it is totally worth it. It is very warm, heavy and well made. It's so warm I don't have many opportunities to wear it in our mild North Carolina winters. When I head home to Michigan, the coat is perfect.