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    Peacoat decisions

    So I've narrowed down my winter coat search to the following players:

    J Crew Bayswater:

    Banana Republic:

    Both are currently running decent sales (which is rare for J Crew) so I'm looking to lock something in. Wanted to get the forum's viewpoints on these two contenders and some personal experience if possible. Any help in sizing would be great as well (my dimensions: 6'3, 190lbs, pretty tappered overall) Thanks!


    Bayswater all the way with your build. Plus it's %100 wool vs. BR's 80/20 blend.

    BR doesn't want to take the time to get the guy to DO UP THE COAT so you can see if it's tappered enough etc. It's a damn coat for when it's cold out, you won't be walking around with it undone.

    And the BR lapels seem odd with that tiny little notch.



      personally I like the little bit lower button stance / cut of the BR one. Quality-wise, not sure how they compare though.

      Either one will be excellent I suspect.

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        I'm looking for one too. I've checked both of the above out online and the J. Crew one is leading, though the Thinsulate insulation is really helping it out as I live on the cold Canadian prairies. The quality of the J. Crew one does seem to be higher though. Where do you live/how cold does it get?

        Does anyone know of some other good options? I'm 5'11" 165 lbs. and looking for something close fitting but with room for a sweater. The J. Crew, even with the sale, is a bit more than I want to pay, so a cheaper option would be nice. Ideas?



          Baywater. No question.

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            i was going to post a question about the jcrew factory peacoat but it seems to be sold out. do they usually restock their items?



              I am 6'0 & 175 builds with an athletic build. Anyone have size suggestions for me?



                @chicubs - I'm a similar build to you. The Bayswater in a small will be tight and fitted, however you'll need a medium if you want to layer.

                I got a tall by mistake last year and the sleeves are just too long. I'm gifting it to my brother and looking for a charcoal one instead of navy this year.



                  I'm thinking I'll get a Large as I don't want it to be super fitted as I'll need the capability to have layers underneath. I saw a post from another user who was 6'4 and 185 with a Tall Medium and that looked quite fitted, hopefully I'm in the ballpark.

                  Now for the next question. To get the Thinsulate version or not? I live in upper part of the southeast (NC) and while we can have some colder weeks where it doesn't get much past 40, its never exactly arctic like either. I would like to be able to wear the jacket with minimal layers though more often that not so perhaps the extra heat is a good idea.



                    I tried on the Baywater last year and it was really nice. However, it just ran too damn big for me, even in a small. (I'm 5'9/160)



                      If you plan to wear your coat unbuttoned, then BR all the way.

                      I have a JCrew bayswater and it's an okay jacket. It doesn't seem any better or worse than a full 100 percent wool peacoat that you'll bump into a few hundred times at Macys. It's classically styled, unfussy and a medium fits well on my 5'9" 160 lb frame.

                      But it's not terribly warm even with the thinsulate. It requires multiple layers on the coldest days. And the quality is so-so. It just doesn't have much heft to it.

                      If I had to do it again I would check out Sterlingwear (the Navy's supplier) and Schott.



                        At 6'2" 200 with an athletic build, any recommendations? I wasn't impressed with the short length of the bayswater. I'm looking for something a bit longer.

                        I like the length of the Schott Slim Fit but read the in person which said it would fit better on truly slim guys. I thought perhaps the Melton Wool from Schott but it looks a little boxy:


                        Also, I'm not opposed to a coat that is similar to the BR Bridge Coat, but in navy or grey. And finally, I am not a fan of the Sterlingwear collars.



                          @ redbeardedmike Thanks for the sizing info.

                          Hmm, just gotta figure out whether to go with the Schott slim-fit that Joe did an in-person on or the J.Crew Bayswater.

                          Love the oxford grey of the Schott but not sure about the lower pocket flaps & high pockets and Joe seemed to believe the fit of the Bayswater was much better.



                            Just to chime in; I'm very tempted by the new Bonobos pea coat. Check the Bonobos thread for a 30% off code, too.



                              I went this one for this winter. Picked it up sale for $80 with free shipping.

                              Ordered the 2XL since I know that Ben Sherman cuts are generally a size up for me.

                              Fits perfect, nice heavy feel to it, and has the zip up liner with a mock neck collar.