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Feeling overdressed at work today...

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    Feeling overdressed at work today... a Land's End blue OCBD, Banana Republic Emerson (slim fit) chinos, and chocolate brown Cole Haan Paul chukkas. Yes, my workplace is that casual. I initially tried dressing down the outfit by wearing the shirt untucked then realized it looked ridiculous (I think untucked shirts only works with jeans, at least on me) so tucked it in and rolled up my sleeves. The pants and shirt actually fit pretty well (slim but not tight) but I'm left wondering what else I can do to spice up this look a bit, which is arguably standard office-wear for many in my field (wildlife biology/consulting). The red laces on the shoes help to brighten things up a bit, but what else can I do to liven up the somewhat boring "blue OCBD with khakis" look? Right now I'm wearing navy socks, which I think go well (contrast but not glaring) with the ensemble but what other kinds of socks can I try with this outfit? I know socks are a personal style kind of thing, but it's the one piece that I still feel unsure about in terms of pairing with shirts, shoes, and pants. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    Anything on your wrist, such as a watch or bracelet? That can really add in some color and brighten things up

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      This is my general look in the summertime (collared shirt and chinos), so I've thought about this, too. In order to look a bit different, I like wearing patterned shirts and mixing up the colors of chinos. For shirts, gingham is good, as is vertical stripes and even plaid. I got the cobalt and plum LEC chinos for $3.50, and those can add some color to the mix (but be careful, it can be too much if you add a loud shirt). Save the blue OCBD for loud pants, or for wearing under a sweater or jacket. Here's an example of what I wore to work one day this summer.



        Thanks for suggestions. Indeed, a Timex Weekender is on my "to get" list and I also need to get more patterned shirts. In the process of re-building wardrobe, though, I'm focusing on getting the basics first (solids), hence my low inventory of plaids, gingham, etc. I do have that nice Nordstrom Calibrate navy gingham dress shirt that I probably could/should have worn today. My initial thinking was that it would have looked even more dressy since it's a dress shirt but now I'm thinking that the pattern itself would have been enough to make it look more casual that the solid blue OCBD outfit I'm wearing today. You live, you learn!



          Matt, there are some crazy deals at Land's End at the moment, and even a 40% off thing, right? Check the Deals thread for info. Here's a link to the sale shirts -- some for about $10.