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[REVIEW]Banana Republic Shoes mini review Olsen cap-toe wingtip and Holden monk strap

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    [REVIEW]Banana Republic Shoes mini review Olsen cap-toe wingtip and Holden monk strap

    I ordered them both in size 10.5 and I normally wear a size 11 sneaker. From what I understand you generally order dress shoes a half size down. My size 11 Stafford Ashton wingtips are definitely a size too big but I put some inserts in them to make them fit. The Olsens are definitely the nicer of the pair pictured. Looking at the bottom the construction seems a lot nicer. Actually being sewn where as the others look like they're probably glued. They have the nails in the heel and all that, however the soles of both shoes are synthetic. The Olsens fit very nicely but I wasn't able to get my foot into the shoe with the way the laces came bar laced. However once I redid the lacing it was a lot easier. I used the guide at Ian's Shoelace Site and put one of the laces diagonally at the top which you can't really see because of the closed lacing. The Holdens fit a bit looser and I am able to slide my foot out with them buckled up, however it wouldn't happen on accident. I should also mention the burnishing of the Olsens seems a little uneven but at $84 with a 30% code I won't raise a stink about that. I think I am going to keep the wingtips but return the monk straps.

    Pictures of the shoes my flash gave it a little bit of a yellowish tint:

    Ian's Shoelace Site:

    5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist


    I have the wingtips (really a cap toe) in black. A good deal with a 40% off coupon, which I used as well.

    I would not size up (they run big as it is). Use a good shoe horn and loosen the laces.

    Still too new to report on durability...



      Yeah...there's no such thing as a "cap-toe wingtip." A lot of big chain retailers are bad about propagating that oxymoron.

      The shoe in your photos is a "captoe with medallion," "perforated captoe," "brogued captoe," or "captoe brogue," depending on the maker.