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    Staple Shoe

    Okay. I'm going crazy.

    I just want a basic shoes, of decent quality, that I can wear pretty much every day with pretty much everything. I think suede would be a good option. But I don't necessarily care.

    I recently tried the Giorgio Brutini shoes talked so much about on this site, but they make my (already size 12) feet look huge. Not sure why, but I'm not sure they're the best shoe for everyday wear with chinos, and a shirt and sweater.

    Why is something like this so difficult to find: ?

    I don't know. Any help here?


    The truth is that I'm thinking something like this might fit the bill, actually:,cat20236



      ".... I can wear pretty much every day with pretty much everything. I think suede would be a good option."

      No, unless by "pretty much everything" you mean nothing but casual attire.



        Well, I'm not wearing suits everyday, so yes, relatively casual. Again, like I said in the post, chinos, dress shirt, and sweater.



          The most basic and low-risk shoe, in my opinion, is a brown, plain-toe derby. You can wear it with almost anything. Here's an example:

          There's also desert boots. They're both classic and 'in style' at the same time. Another example:



            @devirkahan - I went back and forth for over a year on getting a pair of clarks desert boots in sand suede. Finally got them a month ago, and I wear them all the time. Great with jeans, great with chinos and button down for business casual. Highly recommend.



              I'll second what JEH said. I bought a pair of Clarks (in Beeswax) and they are awesome. I wear them daily with chinos/cords and sportshirts/sweater during the week and jeans/casual wear any other time. For what I wear (chinos, corduroys, and jeans) they are very versatile and look great with everything I own.



                You're not supposed to wear the same leather shoes every day, so...get 2 pairs



                  How do you guys deal with the suede of the Desert boots? I've always been put off by the relatively weak/high maintenance nature of the material in an every-day kind of shoe. Are they holding up well?



                    I've worn mine at least 5 days a week for about two months. They are holding up great BUT I have not encountered any real bad weather. I probably won't wear them in heavy rain or snow this year. With that in mind, I have not experienced any issues and doubt I will. Without some sort of treatment though I'm not sure how they would fare in a wetter climate.



                      Same as ShruggingAtlas. I have embraced the thought that the more wear they get, the better they look.

                      I live in western South Dakota, and also plan to put these in the closet come the wet weather.



                        I own a pair of Clarks in Grey. And I find them pretty chunky. Not a very sleek shoe. Not a huge fan, to be honest. Although perhaps I should have sized down? I don't know... I just never saw what all the fuss was about.



                          Desert boots too chunky? Chelsea boot then. Be difficult to get much sleeker than that.

                          I second the suggestion of some brown derby or solid color saddle shoes.



                            Lib: Link to any of those Chelsea boots?



                              Banana Republic


                              Lands End

                              And so on. A lot of manufacturers make them. Someone with more footwear experience can fill you in better than I!

                              Basically just stay away from Blundstones and anything with a really chunky outsole.