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    I'm also from Winnipeg... Didnt expect to come across other winnipegers on here.

    I'm actually also attending a wedding this weekend which I bought the Thompson suit for. I ended up grabbing a shirt and tie from moores, I had noticed they weren't hugely liked here, but buy one get one and I was also short on time, I was leaving for Vegas, back Thursday, I needed to get it picked and knew they could help me pick it out.

    I ended up with a light purple shirt and tie with purple/black/grey plaid, and the shirts at the tailors, should look good I sure hope.

    But more on topic, sears and the bay have plenty of selection, go to polo park of you can, they have more at those locations. But I cant really recommend too much else as options, aside from other places in that mall, just to find something that will fit well and look good



      While we are all here, is there anyone here living in Ottawa? I'm looking for recommendations for a tailor.



        Thanks for all the suggestions. As jarja can agree, not many options here, especially in a crunch.



          OT again: how does Red Deer have an H&M but Winnipeg doesn't? Good Lord...