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    Have any of you bought a white dress shirt at The Bay before? I had plans for wearing a heavier cotton dress shirt with my cotton suit for a wedding this weekend, but the forecast now calls for +22 weather and figure a white dress shirt might just be the better option.

    Any suggestions?


    Where are you? I've found there are better options than the Bay, there is a Brooks Brothers in Toronto, otherwise BR is in most big cities. Moores is doing one of their buy one get one free as well if that's more what you're looking for.



      I think Banana Republic would be a better option. But I guess you could try it and see how it fits.



        This is probably sacrilege suggesting this on here, but I would suggest checking out Winners. I routinely find Ben Sherman dress shirts for $35-$40, and I haven't paid more than $40 for jeans, that would otherwise be $80-$120.



          I was going to suggest Winners as well (for CK or whatever brand they have).

          The Bay's Hudson North white dress shirt is very see a undershirt is a must, and even then it may look like your wearing an undershirt underneath that shirt.

          They do have A Tommy Hilfiger (non branded) dress shirt thats nice. Cant comment on the rest.

          Im not a fan of Moores.I used to get some stuff at Zara, but its been a while.



            Ya I'm in Winnipeg, if I was in Toronto I wouldn't be reaching to the forums for suggestions (shopping here is dreadful)

            We have a Banana republic, but the selection is brutal. The only white shirts they have are the non-iron variety (which I detest).

            I don't like Moores. I haven't had luck in a Winners in forever.

            Thanks on the suggestions on the Hudson North shirt, I don't wear an undershirt when wearing a dress shirt.



              BR is just GAP clothes anyways

              Winners is a good try, or just look up mens clothing stores/tailors and they may carry high end fabrics.

              moores if you're desperate.



                I literally thought this was about posters when I saw the title, and I perkily glanced up at my From Russia With Love poster.

                I'm disappointed that we won't be discussing posters, Canadian or otherwise.



                  There's a good Canadian poster for you. Deco meets McQueen.



                    If the bay is the only real option then I'd look towards tommy hilfiger, I've gotten some tommy slim fits at the bay before for around $30 when on sale. The only thing with the bay is you will probably pay an outrageous price mon-thurs then the same stuff can be had for 30-50% off on the weekends, so best to wait... you should have a decent selection to try on shirts until you find one brand/fit you like.

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                      I've purchased my share of shirts from Winners before, you can get a decent shirt there at a decent price. I wouldn't wish any of the Calvin Klein shirts on my worst enemy ... particularly anything in poplin, they literally take a week to iron. Same with the Nicole Miller shirts.

                      Honestly, if you look at the Winners price point of between $20-30 a shirt for a cast-off with a limited lifespan, you can get a great, well constructed dress shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt for just a bit more. They have some good selection in their best buys section|sale%20best%20buys||| ||||||||||&cm_sp=Default-_-HP-_-T2-_-SaleBestBuys-_-Textlink

                      While we Canadians have gathered, we should grab our hockey sticks and muster an aggressive campaign about J. Crew's "Canadian" pricing that means we have to pay 30% more for everything even though our dollar is on par. I like some of their stuff but they haven't seen a loonie of my business since the price point changed.



                        @Lib Nice poster! "Our army needs good Canadians". Perfect for our crusade against J.Crew and their Canadian tax.



                          Nice move Lib. I had the same idea, although I would probably have posted a Nickelback poster just to get a rise ;p



                            *Rushes off to tell Obama about the nefarious Canadian scheme afoot*

                            I agree about the CT shirts but it sounds like he needs something for this weekend. I think you either need to bite the bullet and buy something of good quality even if you could get it at significant discount if timing wasn't a factor, or, if that's not possible....go cheap, have a great time at the wedding and don't worry about how long it'll last.

                            Dress for style, live for results.



                              Oops, didn't catch that you were on a deadline. Obviously not appropriate to source a shirt from England in that timeline.

                              While we are here, let's divert our attention and energies toward annexing the US as our next province and restoring the NHL teams in Phoenix, Nashville, Columbus and others to their proper homes. We can pry them with strong beer and lakes flowing with maple syrup. As a diplomatic trade-off, we will have Celine Dion renounce her dual citizenship and get Nickelback on the border services watchlist. We're keeping Steve Nash, though.