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New (?) Target Merona shoes

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    If you don't like the crepe soles on the desert boots you can get the bushacre 2 which is the same thing with a rubber sole. They are cheaper than the regular Clark desert boots too.


      Leather on the Bushcare's isn't as nice. And the rubberized soles isn't much better when it's wet.

      But I find crepe soles are great until they start to get worn. When the wrinkly texture gets worn down, they get really slippery when it's wet outside. Personally I like Dainite soles on my chukka's. Definitely looking for that on my next pair.


        Originally posted by Acousticfoodie View Post
        How come people here don't like crepe soles?
        I don't know. I love crepe soles.


          The Clarks would certainly be the way to go for more money. I have been thinking about getting the desert boots in the grey color. The Target option also comes in a grey thats very close to the desert boot but with a black rubber sole and they look nice. At the clearance price they are a little over $20. I haven't been able to find any of the Clarks in the 40-50 dollar range, in my area, as mentioned in other posts. The best i have seen is the 75-90 range online (amazon, zappos) and my size 12 is frequently out of stock. It sounds like no one has any really negative experiences with the Target brand shoes so i might give them a shot. For the price, and considering they won't get worn daily, it's probably worth a go.