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Brown Lace-Up, Rubber Sole, Wide Toe-Box

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    Brown Lace-Up, Rubber Sole, Wide Toe-Box

    Hey everyone,

    Need a few quick suggestions here. Looking for a pair of reasonably formal brown leather or suede lace-ups (to wear with pressed chinos or wool dress pants -- not with a suit).

    Pretty open to different styles--I've generally been looking at both wing-tips or plain-toe derby style--but here's the catch:

    I need a rubber sole. I'm a medical student and leather soles just don't fly in the hospital. Also, I have a relatively wide forefoot. So, I can get away with normal width if it is cut wide up front, or else I need a wide size. Love the look of the Sebago Salems and Brattles, but found them both to run too narrow.

    Looking to spend <$150, and the cheaper the better.



    Maybe some Johnston and Murphy's? I bet you could get some for $150 like you described. I have a couple pairs with a more bulbous, for lack of a better word, toe. I do have to say though, when I read you headline, it kind of sounded like the kind of shoes that we are told to stay away from on this site.



      Might be well-served by just going with a wide size. No shame in that game.



        You could always just get your shoes with topy if you need a rubber sole for the hospital floors.



          Med student here. I just bought AE Fifth Avenues. I had been wearing a weird old pair of leather-soled bostonian wingtips. I'd say go the topy route with a nice pair of shoes. That's what I'll probably end up doing.

          I agree with NC about going up a width. Way better looking than wide-toed shoes. It's so easy to look better than your classmates/residents/the rest of the chain with a few simple things like that - and then bam, you're the good-looking med student.



            Hey, thanks for the suggestions guys. When I said "wide-toe" I really meant in sizing/fit, not in the look.

            Any good suggestions for shoes that come in widths? Still would prefer to keep the cost down, with budget constraints and since these shoes will take a lot more abuse in the hospital than they would in the average office environment.



              A lot of Florsheim shoes come in Wide. You can search their website by Width. 20% off with coupon Next20.

              I have these and they are super comfortable:


              A few others that look decent: