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Allen Edmunds Shoes hate me

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    Allen Edmunds Shoes hate me

    First off, I love the level of craftsmanship and style that comes with the shoe.

    However, I own the strand and mccalister and I've never had a more painful shoe to wear. I was fitted in store on both occassions and get the worst heel blisters in the world from wearing them.

    Given that each of these are $325 shoes, it really sucks. What would you do in my situation?


    Those two shoes are on a pretty narrow last, so they're not for everybody. Getting fitted at a store is great, but no guarantee a particular last will fit your specific feet. You could try contacting a store to see if there's any chance they'll take them back, or put them on eBay. Unfortunately it's hard to know how comfortable a shoe will be until you've worn it a few times, and by then you can't (usually) return them.

    If they're slipping off the heel some sort of insert or padding might help. If they're too tight a cobbler may be able to stretch them a bit in the right spot.



      How do they actually fit? Is your heel slipping, or too tight?

      I know for my last pair of shoes (florsheims), it took around 15-20 uncomfortable wears and blisters before they broke in. After that they were great.

      My AE's, IMO, actually don't fit quite as well, but have never given me blisters oddly.



        I think it depends on the socks and shoes, along with sizing.

        But I HATED my AE players forever, then I wore them out with sport socks and went drinking so I didn't notice them..much more comfy after that night.

        I have identical Loake Connery Chukka's one is size 9 UK(fits about 10.25) and other is size 10UK(fits around an 11). the 9 destroy my heel no matter what I do as my natural foot size on the biggest is 10.5. I can fit my foot in fine but they just wear my heel raw.

        I actually went out and bought "casual" dress socks due to increased thickness, the flimsy super thin ones drive me nuts now and wear out fast.

        To put it in perspective though is I've always been told how soft my skin is, even the soles of my feet. When I see people wearing bare feet in dress shoes, I assume they must have some nasty feet, that would just destroy mine.

        Regarding fit, my strawfuts I can WEDGE 1 finger beside my achilles and no room behind heel. After all my shoes I would say these fit the best. Note: strawfuts have no real structure due to mesh sides so that also might be why they are comfortable.



          Can't hurt to go back to the store with them. Maybe they'll help if they sized you wrong.

          FWIW, I went into the store on Michigan Ave in Chicago, and the guy definitely didn't know how to size someone for shoes. I told him I am usually an 11, he decided to measure my foot. Started at a 9 extra wide (yes, really), went through a bunch of iterations and ended at a 12 narrow. He kept having reasons not to bring out an 11. So I left. I ended up just ordering an 11 from Nordstrom's during the sale (they fit perfectly). Point is, just because the guy works at the AE store, you can't assume he knows anything about sizing shoes.



            Hah, funny Mike. I actually got them from the same store in Chicago and felt the same way.

            I think one is way too tight. I kind of figured it would make for less pain since my heel wouldn't slip but maybe it's having the reverse affect.

            I love the strands so I'll let you guys know.

            On a Chicago related note, you should check out Trunk Club sometime dude. Just got back from there tonight and it's sweet.



              I tolerate uncomfortable shoes because I wear even more uncomfortable steel toe boots all day. Coming from tennis shoes, though, leather shoes can be quite the jolt. Still better than what women suffer through!



                I don't live in Chicago, but my significant other does (Oak Park, specifically), so I'm there somewhat regularly. I'll be there in November, and we'll probably stay downtown for a couple nights, so I'll try to stop by. Do they actually have a store at the 325 W Ohio address on their site?



                  Yup, it's pretty sweet. Definitely an awesome experience. Call ahead and make sure you get lined up with a stylist.