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    Paul Fredrick Blazers

    Paul Fredrick has a special deal for $99 for a blazer... Anyone have any idea how good these are?

    I need a navy blazer and I've been looking for somewhere to get something relatively good quality for not too much money... thoughts?


    "Deal" and "blazer" seem incongruous. A blazer's fit is so specific, it's not worth the trial and error.

    A good starter navy blazer would be a Hart Schaffner Gold Trumpeter. It is more expensive, but when you factor in the postage for returns, and the extra tailoring a budget mail order blazer will cost, the cost difference is worth not dealing with the BS.

    Either way, it'll have to be tailored to look right.



      I own a number of coats from Paul Fredrick...I think they are an excellent value for the price, and have a very easy exchange/return policy. Not a bad idea to give them a try...



        Jason, you may have better luck with a blazer you can try on in person. Sometimes the sizes aren't true and it would cost too much for a tailor to fix poor fit at the shoulders. As givemetwenty said, you end up sending it back and wasting postage.

        Based on your question I'm assuming your price range is $50-$150, which would put the Hart Schaffner Gold Trumpeter out of your range, especially after tailoring. My suggestion would be to go into a few retail stores to get a list of what blazers fit you the best. Then troll ebay and/or use a coupon and you may get lucky. I've also gone to men's consignment stores and spent $30-50 on jackets in great condition. Some didn't even need tailoring! I think the best way to stretch $100 is to spend $50 at the resale shop and another $50 at the tailor.

        Of course this all depends on how much you will wear it.

        My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs