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    Watch strap style advice

    First of all, this is my watch:

    At least it's pretty close to that, as mine is 8 years old (the face is actually silver, not white like it looks in the picture). I've worn it through college, two years in China, and grad school, and gone through several different straps in that time, usually in just black nylon or leather.

    My question is this: This summer I've had it on a red, white, and blue NATO strap, not because I wanted my watch to be patriotic or anything, but just because I think it looks kind of cool and unique. I have some interviews coming up soon and hopefully following that a job that will likely require me to wear a suit. Should I play it safe and just switch back to a black leather band, or would keeping the striped nylon strap be an acceptable youthful touch of personal style?


    Personally, I'd put it back on leather. I know James bond wore a Submariner on a NATO with a Tux, but I think it is awfully informal. Unless you are interviewing to be James Bond.



      I agree with bassopotamus, it is pretty casual. A daily wear look, not a serious scenario kind of look.



        Put the leather back on. I could see it being OK in other situations, but not for an interview.



          Ah, James Bond nerd here (its why I got into watches in the first place) and he only wears it on the NATO because earlier in the scene he is wearing a wetsuit over his tux and the watch is over his wet suit's sleeve. In the first two film he actually wears the same Submariner on a crocodile strap (which is an awesome look on sporty Rolexes, BTW)

          Anyways, I would switch back to a leather/animal strap. If you want a youthful touch, I would go with either a leather NATO or a Bund Strap. A nylon nato just is not appropriate with a suit.



            I figured I'd get this response. Considering that your watch is out of sight most of the time in a suit anyway and that we live in an age where the US Treasury Secretary wears a digital watch to testify before Congress ( ), I don't think a more casual strap is such a huge faux pas, but there's no reason to take a risk.

            Once I have a job and a small amount of disposable income I'll definitely buy something nicer to wear with suits and leave the casual strap on my Swiss Army.



              Yeah, my statement that its not 'appropriate with a suit' was probably a little blunt. I think you could easily rock the NATO with a suit on an average day in the workplace and even go as far as having some fun trying to match your ties to it. I focused a lot more on the 'interviews' aspect and would advise against wearing it to the job interviews or anything else that borders on semi-formal.

              As far as when you land the job, I would go for it - NATOs are like socks, you can have fun with them, I have probably about ten NATOs that I switch in and out on my watches. I do have small wrists though, so I usually prefer to cut them a little shorter and on some, if I'm not planning to use them for sports, I remove the keeper strap so it doesn't sit as high.



                I would personally go with an Olive Zulu Strap. I'm not a fan of NATO straps as they make the watch bulge out a bit due to the extra layer of fabric behind the watch.


                You get the same, rugged/military look as the NATO, but again, without the "bulge" behind the watch.

                Also, if you were to wear that watch say in an office setting, or somewhere more professional, I'd say go with a metal strap, but I can't see that watch with a metal strap. The leather, as others are saying, is nice, but I can't really imagine that watch with a silver face, with a leather strap.

                Here's a pic of my Seiko 007 with a super oyster strap;


                for when I need to dress it up.

                Maybe a picture of your watch would help?