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Has this ever happened to you?

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    Has this ever happened to you?

    I was out the other night in a white button up, dark pants (read: navy, not black) and tan dress shoes. I got asked if I had just gotten off of work from a restaurant. Not only did I think this was a little rude, but I thought it was strange because in my opinion I did not look like a waiter. I got the same thing the other night but I was wearing darker shoes this time. I got asked the same question again. I was downtown in an area with a lot of restaurants around but I still thought it was kind of weird.


    post a pic so we can see what this getup looks like.

    also, were you wearing a chef hat?



      @Teej, I can surely empathize. Now imagine if you are asked this same question in restaurants and department stores and boutiques and anything place where you are mistaken as "the help."

      In these cases, I simply walk away from these presumptuous clowns.



        lol something like that happens to me at work. I work as a pharmacist, so I wear button up, tie, trousers, dress shoes, white lab coat, etc. I have been asked if I work in the deli or the meat department. I must be the best-dressed butcher you have ever seen then you moron.



          Someone assuming you are a waiter is better than someone assuming you are a plumber. I wouldn't fret.



            Either you frequent some serious concentrations of snobbery, or whoever said it has been reading too many 'style rules' blogs and has coupled their new found knowledge with their lack of tact.

            Two possible solutions:

            - stop wearing white shirts without a suit

            - wear a scowl



              Time for a linen sportcoat in summer and wool in winter.



                @robert12 Hey, I look like a plumber, what's wrong with that ?




                  Actually I was in what I guess I would call a dive bar. I was somewhere else earlier and I didn't have time to change before I went there so I was a little dressed up for the place, but it's not like I was in a suit. Another time that I went there, I wore jeans, a very casual button up, hiking style boots, and a light sweater (it was a bit chilly that night). Some guy talking to the door guy said "oh you thought you were going to some fancy club didn't you, you (expletive deleted). I just kept walking. The crowd is interesting there.



                    You just say you're a plumber to break into apartment buildings.



                      OP - I would work on your kung fu or find a new bar!

                      I got free drinks in my suit last week since the bartender thought I was with the band.



                        I've been asked if I'm the manager in stores a few times. Usually it's when I'm wearing a tie but no jacket.




                          I've always found that pulling off a plain white button up with chinos is difficult.

                          Not quite the same issue but I once met a friend for dinner. We both showed up wearing blue button ups and khaki chinos. Almost uniform like.



                            BenR, I've had something similar happen in office supply stores. Ugh.

                            A white button up shirt shouldn't be worn on its own. Pair it with a jacket or a sweater. A white button up with dark trousers does imply that you work in a service position.



                              I'd rather dress like a waiter, but get paid like a plumber. Just sayin is all.