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Help Me Find A Watch Like This! Grey Dial!

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    Help Me Find A Watch Like This! Grey Dial!

    Hey there! At the beginning of summer, I bought this Timex from Target for about $30 on clearance...

    That same day, I put a cheap brown leather strap on it... and I loved it. I wore it more than any of my almost 30 other watches this summer. I get many compliments on it, and it's the perfect shade of Grey to be casual but still be eye catching.

    Two things though...

    1, I know it seems stupid, but the loud ticking of the Timex drives me nuts... and my wife. I have a tendency of leaving it on the nightstand when we go to bed, and on several occasions, I've had to get up to go put it across the room so the ticking wouldn't keep us up.

    2, I've got a lot of watches, and, I'm nowhere near an elitist, but because I love watches and people know that about me, I'd love it if my favorite watch wasn't a cheap target clearance watch and was instead at least a brand like Seiko or Citizen or Bulova or something... (I won't wear a Fossil or Invicta, that's where I draw the line)

    So, does anybody know of a watch looking similar to this from a one step up watch maker? I'm not looking to go over $200, but I'd be curious about anything below that.

    The main thing is the light grey color of the dial, but I really like the whole look of it. The fact that the number's reflect the minute time as opposed to the hour time, and that the time markers are actually cut out of a raised and angled ring around the inner bezel are really nice little features of the design.

    I did just tonight buy this Parnis watch off of Ebay, which had some of the same elements... But, I've never owned one of those before and I'm not sure how much I'll like it... (by the way, waiting for that watch will kill me, looks like it will take a couple weeks coming from China)

    Any tips? Anybody else love the Grey Face/ Brown Strap Combo? Truthfully, I love the way this watch looks, so, if there isn't a better option, I'll still be thrilled with it, but if there is one, then I would love it even more.


    OOPS, I realized I never pasted in the link for the Parnis I just bought...