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    Need shirt help!

    Hey everyone.... a couple weeks ago you all gave me some great advice about various jean fits that would look good with cowboy boots and a blazer... I made a decision and went with the 514s in the larger size (tumbled rigid) and the look and fit great! So thanks....

    But now I am in crunch time and I desperately need to figure out what to do about a shirt with this ensemble.

    To summarize.... I am going to a "hoedown" and will be wearing the 514's in tumbled rigid, along with this blazer, and these boots. I need a shirt that will make this outfit work... My sister (who's hoedown this is) is suggesting a plain white shirt... and while I can see how that could look great.... I'm not the smallest guy, and i carry my extra weight around the stomach and thighs... and I am pretty sure a solid white shirt will make me look like a huge tablecloth (or at least feel that way). I have this shirt which fits well and looks good with jeans, but I am worried that the pattern is too busy for the pattern of the jacket....

    This event is Saturday and I am beyond confused at this point.... Does anyone have any recommendations for a shirt (preferably one I can get in a store given the time) that will work with the outfit and the occasion?

    Thank you all for your help!



    Unsure about the formality of the hoedown given that you're wearing a blazer, but first off, think the Tattersall isn't right with that jacket...pattern size is too similar. My inclination would be to hit the thrift store circuit. If you are a bigger guy, you should be able to find a fantastic vintage plaid or rockabilly, western wear shirt. Best of luck sir.



      I agree with Andrew. Most patterned shirts that don't have a small pattern will do fine. Try a striped shirt, most stripes would work and they add verticality to your frame thus creating a slimming effect.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        you need a large plaid, western style shirt (ie, snaps, double chest pockets and the chest stitching) for the real hoedown look. I'm speaking from experience here. see if you can find anything wrangler around at a thrift shop



          Honestly, before I even got to the part you wrote about the white shirt, that is what I was going to suggest. I still say a plain white shirt will be best with this look. The pattern shirt you posted looks far more tablecloth than a classic white shirt. I think Ben may be on to the shirt style though, is a western shirt weird? They come in all colors in patterns, so here is a search of western shirts I ran if you want to see what the retailers offer for that:

          Best of luck and you can't go wrong with white. The cut, not the color is what will change how people see your shape more than anything.