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Pairing belt with Strands (walnut)?

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    Pairing belt with Strands (walnut)?

    My AE Strands have been sitting in the closet because I don't have a belt to pair it with. Any suggestions on a cognac/light-brown belt I can pair with the shoes to wear with jeans?


    AE has the manistee belt which is actually supposed to be their direct match for the strands. I have the combo (also match my dalton) and enjoy it. There are some people that complain that the shades don't exactly match 100%. Personally, I love the match and will probably get the dark brown version of the belt with a pair of corresponding dk brown Daltons during the anniversary sale starting Monday.



      I bought this one from Zac white that matches pretty well and is cheap. The downside is that I'm not a huge fan of any of their buckles. (you either get brass or a very shiny chrome)

      Saddle Tan is the color you want:



      You can request whatever length or buckle you want.



        I have the walnut allen Edmond wide basic belt.



          If you have Strands sitting in the closet for lack of belt, you don't get it. Or maybe you are a Kennedy heir and you are particularly worried about an audience that can adjudicate between the tanning chemical differences between your belt and shoes.

          Otherwise, this is a total fashion troll. Walmart has three cotton belts that hold your pants up while wearing Strands, jeans, and a decent shirt.

          If your Strands are sitting in the closet, please pass them off to someone who can make them work with less drama.



            I think somebody has Strand envy...



              He's also writing on a fashion message board at 8:50p at night (5:50p if we give him the benefit of the West Coast). Keep it in perspective.

              - Typed from my East Cost office desk while wearing Strands and matching Manistee Belt



                Really @policy nerd? What's the point in coming here and being that level of unhelpful. Your comment is being removed.

                @OP, don't worry about it too much. A medium to light brown belt will work fine. You don't need to be perfectly matchy-matchy.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  Thanks Greg. That post rubbed me wrong as well.

                  I've also had the same difficulty in finding a matching belt. My solution with a suit: don't wear a belt. If your pants fit, you're fine without one.



                    I tend to wear through store bought belts very quickly. I like to get my belts from leather holster makers. A good belt is very worth it and they don't cost that much more than the belts available at department stores. Plus, you can often request colors or the type of buckle you want.






                      What was that all about? I step away from the computer for one minute and shit goes down!

                      Thanks for all the suggestions though, I am going to try and make my own belt this time using the post on Primer/Reddit.



                        Seems like this thread crops up once a month or so. Easy fix. Wear your strands to your favorite dept store and pick a belt that is close to the walnut color. Matching belts and shoes is like horseshoes and hand grenades. As long as you get it close, you're all good.



                          I too am looking to purchase the Basic Wide belt from AE. I was reading some of the reviews posted on their site and a lot of people mentioned issues with blemishes/scratches on the belt. Has anyone tried AE belts, in particular the Basic Wide? What can you say about the belt and its quality?



                            I agree with Jeremy B. Just get it close, you're overthinking it when it has to match.



                              Or just wear something completely different. I have this in red and can't take it off!! Looks great with jeans but haven't considered pairing it with my strands yet. Just might do it.